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6 Types of Air Conditioner (AC) Noises & Ways to Fix

6 Types of Air Conditioner (AC) Noises & Ways to Fix

Is your residential air conditioner making noise? If so, chances are there’s a mechanical or electrical issue with your unit. For homeowners who’ve never heard their system generate strange noises, it can be alarming. But don’t worry. We’ve listed the top six air conditioner sounds and ways to eliminate them for good.

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Types of Air Conditioner (AC) Sounds

1. Constant Banging

Your unit will make a series of operational sounds during a normal cycle, but constant banging should not be one of them. This noise could indicate a damaged compressor that needs immediate replacement or simply an indoor blower out of balance. Another possibility is that a bigger part within your unit is loose and requires tightening.

2. Squealing Sound

Under most circumstances, an air conditioner will make a high-pitched squealing noise when pressure builds up inside of the compressor. Despite current units having a sensor to trigger an immediate shutdown, any air conditioning system with high pressure should be turned off immediately. If not rectified in a timely manner, high pressure will present a potentially dangerous outcome.

3. Steady Pulsing

It can be difficult to determine if your air conditioner sound is pulsating. This loud, slow pulse is most commonly caused by refrigerant lines directly touching your house walls. Adding insulation may be a quick solution to this problem. Pulsing could also signal a loose part like a coil or fan blade. Tightening the screws of any mobile part will solve any pulsing noises immediately.

6 Types of Air Conditioner (AC) Noises & Ways to Fix

4. Hissing Sounds

Hissing noises that originate from your unit signal possible problems with the refrigerant or your compressor. If you hear hissing sounds near your air conditioner, this is an indicator of a refrigerant leak that is caused by natural product deterioration. On the other hand, compressor hissing is usually caused by valve leakage or excessive pressure within your compressor. Regardless of the actual cause of this sound, you should immediately shut down your system and contact a technician for a thorough evaluation.

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5. Constant Clicks

Incessant clicking sounds almost always indicate a serious electrical issue. However, if the air conditioner sound starts clicking slowly and increases in speed, there is likely a problem with your blower. A third reason your air conditioner is making a clicking noise is compressor failure. To check if this is the issue, go outside while your unit is running. If you can hear clicks, this is a sign of a malfunctioning compressor. You should make an appointment with a certified professional right away.

6. Whistling Noises

If suddenly your unit starts whistling like a train, there’s an issue that needs attention. These issues can range from a clogged air filter to a leaky duct. Compared to other sounds on this list, whistling noises seem minor. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Your unit shouldn’t make any of these noises. If it does, contact a qualified technician to assess why your air conditioner is making noise.

5 Benefits of Performing An Air Conditioner Repair

1. Improve the Life Cycle

Take care of your unit, and it will take care of you. Just like a car, your air conditioner requires regular maintenance to keep functioning at a high capacity. Service technicians will check every aspect of your unit and ensure everything is as it should be. It may not seem like much, but it makes a difference in how long your system will last.

2. Eliminate Indoor Water Vapor

While an air conditioner making noise is reason enough to have your cooling system serviced, there’s nothing worse than sweating inside due to a unit with faulty dehumidification. Eliminate any residual moisture with a system that cools and dehumidifies the air. High humidity levels are uncomfortable and can make your walls sweat, which can lead to black mold, mildew, and other harmful growths. A trained professional will ensure your system creates a cool environment with just the right amount of humidity.

3. Enhance Unit Performance

You may not realize how essential your air conditioner is until it stops functioning properly. Regular service will prevent small problems from becoming large, costly problems. Aspects of your system will deteriorate and need replacement. Stay on top of any issues with air conditioning maintenance checks every six months.

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4. Increase Overall Wellness

When it comes to AC units, there’s one thing the majority of homeowners forget to do: change their filters. Clearing out contaminants can improve your unit’s ability to cool your home faster, improve sleep quality, and help alleviate respiratory problems.

5. Prevent Unnecessary Sounds

A unit that hasn’t been serviced will typically make loud noises. This is caused by loose parts or excess debris that lodged itself into various areas of your air conditioning system. A trained AC technician will schedule routine maintenance to ensure your air conditioner sounds quiet and is completely functional.

6 Types of Air Conditioner (AC) Noises & Ways to Fix

Air Conditioner Repair & Installation Services

If your air conditioner is making noise, call us today and request an appointment. Our team provides reputable local HVAC services in Jersey City, NJ and other areas. Our certified technicians offer a variety of HVAC services including air conditioner repair, furnace replacement, heat pump maintenance, and air conditioner installation. Don’t ignore those weird air conditioner sounds; call our staff by phone or book an appointment online. Our team will diagnose and fix the issues with your air conditioner system to ensure you stay cool throughout the summer.