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Chandelier Installation and Replacement Services

If there is one truth about chandeliers, it’s that they are stunning centerpieces that elevate your décor to a new level. Our team of skilled electricians delivers dependable chandelier installation and replacement services for homes in the areas of New Jersey such as Newark, Lakewood, Jersey City, Trenton, Paterson, and Clifton. Give our professionals a call at (732) 638-4317 to receive assistance installing a new chandelier in your living room.

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Whether you are experiencing issues with your lighting or want to install a new fixture, you can schedule an appointment to experience fast, expert assistance. Try the dependable chandelier installation and replacement services offered by the team of skilled electricians at our electrical repair company. We will help you improve the lighting in your house.

Benefits of Installing a Chandelier in Your House

Adding a chandelier to your home can welcome timeless elegance and sophistication to any room. Chandeliers provide homeowners with top-tier aesthetics while providing ample lighting and brightening up spaces.

Another benefit of chandeliers is they provide light in hard-to-reach places without cascading a room in harsh or excess light. Most chandeliers come with dimmers, enabling homeowners to adjust light intensity so you can pick the setting perfect for you.

Furthermore, special chandeliers can create lights and patterns on the wall, while statement chandeliers act as much as an art piece as they do a lighting source. Meanwhile, energy-efficient LED lights can illuminate a room while consuming little power and boasting more perks like a low carbon footprint and longer lifetimes.

The benefits of choosing a chandelier are abound. You can choose the size, style, bulb type, and more to breathe new life into any room in your home.

Newark, NJ Chandelier Installation Services

5 Types of Chandeliers and Ways to Choose

There are plenty of chandelier types to fit any room, decor style, or personal preference. Enjoy different types of chandeliers like candle-style, shaded, drum, crystal, or statement pieces, and find the chandelier that is right for you.

However, some homeowners may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices. If that sounds like you, our electricians can go through the options with you so you can choose the light fixture that best works for you and your home.

1. Candle-Style Chandeliers

Candle-style chandeliers bring a specific element of elegance and class to any room. These chandeliers are classic and provide rooms with grace, heritage, and charm. The number of bulbs that come with these lighting fixtures varies by piece.

Our team of certified electricians offer remarkable chandelier installation services for homeowners in Lakewood, NJ and have the skills necessary to help you install a candle-style chandelier in your dining room. Customers can choose more classic bases or modern ones, depending on personal preference.

The similarity between these fixtures is they all present candelabra-style arms that hold electric bulbs. Some candle-style chandeliers have lighting settings that look like flickering candlelight to enhance the comfort of your living space.

2. Shaded Chandeliers

Are you looking for a warm chandelier fixture that provides dimmer lights than some of its counterparts? You may enjoy a shaded chandelier. Homeowners can purchase shaded chandeliers, which are available in a variety of styles that make for the room and style they are looking for.

Many shaded chandeliers are upward-facing, though some can be downward-facing, fluted or straight, and transparent or opaque. Shaded chandeliers are popular amongst homeowners who are searching for dimmer, warm light.

3. Drum Chandeliers

Drum chandeliers feature one or multiple large lamp shades that encompass the entire fixture. As with the others, drum chandeliers can be found in any style. Modern adaptations are common due to the versatility of the drum shade.

4. Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are typically what homeowners imagine when they think of chandeliers. These pieces are stunning and traditional with a glamorous appearance. They usually consist of thousands of individual crystal pieces. Since crystals reflect light, the individual crystal pieces reflect light to craft a serene, enchanting, and romantic ambiance.

Undoubtedly, crystal chandeliers can cost quite a bit. However, homeowners can purchase mock crystal chandeliers, which lower the price compared with chandeliers made of hundreds or thousands of real crystals.

5. Statement Chandeliers

Statement chandeliers are sometimes more like works of art than lighting fixtures. In that vein, statement chandeliers are about as far away from the classic chandelier style as you can go.

Statement chandeliers are large and striking that demand your eyes’ attention. Additionally, statement chandeliers are works of art that also function as light fixtures. They can be a great solution for rooms that are a bit empty and are in need of a centerpiece.

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Chandelier Installation Services Near You in Newark, NJ, and Other Areas

Are you searching for a way to elevate your home to a new level? Consider adding a chandelier lighting fixture. These striking lighting pieces are a surefire way to take your home’s décor to the next level.

If you are searching for expert electricians in Clifton, NJ, to arrange chandelier installation in your vicinity, there is no need to search any longer – just give our professionals a call at (732) 638-4317 to book an appointment. The electricians at Gold Medal offer exceptional electrical installation services and know how to treat your chandelier with care and grace.

Our licensed technicians offer exceptional chandelier installation, replacement, and lighting installation services for homes in areas of New Jersey such as Middletown, Paterson, Toms River, Newark, Old Bridge, Jersey City, and Lakewood. Contact our team to receive support with installing a new light fixture in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or living space.

If you need assistance installing a new chandelier in your house, contact our team of expert electricians at (732) 638-4317 to book an appointment.

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