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Well Pump Installation and Repair Services

Looking for fast well pump repair services after a pump malfunction? Are you building a new home and need dependable well pump installation solutions? Our team of qualified plumbers offers reliable well pump installation and repair services for homes in areas of New Jersey such as Paterson, Newark, Jersey City, Trenton, Toms River, and Lakewood. Give our team of expert plumbers a call by phone at (732) 638-4317 to receive help with a small to large well pump project.

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Regardless of your well pump needs, we are here to help. Consider the reputable plumbing solutions offered by the skilled plumbers at Gold Medal.

What Is a Well Pump?

A well pump is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a pump that delivers access to clean, potable water from water found in wells. While water flows freely from urban and suburban areas, rural areas depend on well water for cleaning, drinking, and bathing. A well pump is how these rural households access their water.

A well pump is an electromechanical device installed into the well and pumps water from the well into the house. The well pump is installed after a construction crew drills or digs the well. Once installed, an electric motor powers an impeller which then moves water from the well into the house through a jet or pipe.

Well pumps vary in size. However, choosing the correct size for your home depends on the square footage and acreage of your property, how much water your household consumes, and the number of plumbing fixtures in your home. Learn more about how a well pump operates and how to choose the right well pump below.

How Does a Well Pump Operate?

A well pump operates by first pushing well water into storage, then into a pressure tank. Once you turn on a faucet or showerhead, the pressure in the tank will increase and push water through the pipes into your plumbing system.

This groundbreaking solution allows homeowners to have water on hand whenever they need it for showering, bathing, washing dishes, cleaning clothes, or washing hands. Fortunately, our team of certified plumbers offer well pump installation services for homeowners in Paterson, NJ and have the skills required to help you install a system on your property.

Well Pump Installation and Repair Services in New Jersey

Different Types of Well Pumps

If you are in the middle of a new construction or need well pump replacement services, our team of professionals provide expert well pump services near you. Whether you need a new well pump or are interested in an upgrade, our team offers solutions.

Several types of well pumps are available to homeowners across the United States. The first is the submersible well pump. The second is the jet well pump, and the third is the centrifugal well pump. Keep in mind that the type of well pump you buy depends on your property’s terrain and geography.

It’s easy to access water from the ground in many areas as water lies just below the surface. However, in some areas, water isn’t safe or has an inconsistent drinkable supply. These areas require deeper wells.

Submersible Well Pumps

Submersible pumps are some of the most commonly used types of well pumps. This is due to their immense flexibility. These pumps are strong choices for any well regardless of the well’s depth.

As their name suggests, submersible pumps are installed deep within the well. These pumps are waterproof, durable, and rarely require repairs. However, if they do need to be repaired, a trained well pump repair technician will need to pull them out of the well and up to the surface, which can increase the cost.

There are a few key features of submersible pumps. For example, submersible pumps work only when fully submerged. Another critical feature is when the pressure switch is turned on, the impellers start to spin, pushing water up into a tank located on the surface. Ultimately, most pumps in the United States are submersible due to their versatility and durability.

Jet Well Pumps

Jet pumps are advanced water pumps that deliver water faster than other types of well pumps. They work in wells of all depths and are similar to submersible pumps. The installation of a jet pump depends on whether it is a single-drop or double-drop model.

Single-drop models are ideal for shallow wells and can be placed inside your house or outbuilding. On the other hand, double-drop models are suitable for deep wells and require a split installation. Although the jet assembly is located within the well, the motor must stay above ground.

While the upfront costs of submersible pumps are often higher, jet pumps have lower maintenance costs, making them a cheaper long-term investment.

Jet pumps rely on water to function and create pressure with impellers. The impellers move water (also known as “drive water”) through a small opening mounted in the housing located in front of the impeller.

This increases the water’s speed. When the water leaves the jet, a vacuum will suck more water from the well, which combines with the drive water before discharging it into your house at high pressure.

Centrifugal Well Pumps

Centrifugal well pumps work by rotating an internal fan, which creates suction. Unlike other types of well pumps, centrifugal pumps are placed in a mechanical housing next to the well rather than inside it. This setup makes maintenance less troublesome. However, these pumps may not be suitable for deep wells due to their limited suction power.

Centrifugal pumps are most effective for wells that are shallower than 25 feet. Additionally, they are the most budget-friendly option for well pumps.

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Well Pump Installation Services in Newark, NJ and Other Areas

Looking for well pump installation or well pump repair? Our team of expert technicians offer exceptional emergency plumbing services, well pump repair and installation services, sump pump repair, and water softener installation for homeowners in many areas of New Jersey, including Clifton, Edison, Elizabeth, Newark, Middletown, and Paterson.

If you are searching for local plumbers in Jersey City, NJ, you can depend on our team of professionals. Our skilled plumbers provide top-notch services to ensure your well pump is functioning correctly. Call or contact us online to schedule an appointment with an expert specialist.

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