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Electrical Panel Upgrade and Repair Services in New Jersey

Technology has completely reshaped the modern home. In fact, technology has advanced so rapidly that homes built a decade ago can’t keep up with such changes. This is why it’s important to upgrade your electrical panel to accommodate the devices you use everyday. Our team of electricians provide dependable electrical panel upgrade and replacement services for homes in areas of New Jersey such as Newark, Lakewood, Edison, Jersey City, Trenton, and Paterson. Give our technicians a call at (732) 638-4317 to book an appointment with our team.

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Upgrading Your Electrical Panel Will Also Allow You to:

  • Add more outlets and circuits
  • Avoid breakers from overloading and tripping
  • Reduce over-crowded outlets
  • Provide power for larger appliances such as dryers
  • Provide power for remodeling or addition needs

5 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Electrical panels are the heart of the electrical system in your home. They are responsible for powering everything from lights to appliances and devices. If you have an older electrical panel, it may not handle today’s demands for power, which can lead to various electrical problems. Here are five signs it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel.

1. Flickering Lights

Even though flickering lights can be alarming, it’s usually just a sign of power disruption. Flickering lights can happen during a severe thunderstorm. However, flickering lights may be a sign of a malfunctioning electrical panel in your house.

2. Burning Smells

Your electrical panel should never smell like smoke. If you smell any smoke around your electrical panel, you should call a certified electrician at Gold Medal to receive assistance. Any burning or melting poses a huge risk of fire or electrical damage.

3. Tripped Breakers

There should be no cause for concern if a circuit breaker trips once in a blue moon. But you could have an electrical panel issue on your hands if your breakers are tripping every time you use the microwave or plug in your hair dryer.

4. New Appliances or Home Add-Ons

Purchasing a new appliance or expanding your home is exciting. However, a majority of homeowners forget about their electrical panels. Your electrical panel needs to accommodate any new appliances or home add-ons you choose to buy or construct. Our technicians offer electrical panel replacement services in Newark, NJ and are available to help you upgrade your electrical system.

5. Warm Panel

A warm or hot electrical panel might have you raising your eyebrows. Warmth coming from your electrical panel indicates that your panel is either malfunctioning or too small to suit the electrical needs of your home. Our professionals will inspect and repair your electrical panel to improve the safety of your house.

Electrical Panel Upgrade and Repair Services in Newark, NJ

Advantages of a Service Panel Upgrade

Electrical panel upgrades are often important and necessary, especially if you are in the process of remodeling or constructing a home. When you upgrade your electrical panel, you can reap immediate and long-term benefits like safety, comfort, energy efficiency, and more.

Immediate Advantages

While you initially might sigh with relief, there are plenty of other immediate advantages you’ll notice right off the bat. For example, you’ll finally be able to purchase and enjoy that new appliance you’ve had your eye on. Or, if you’re planning on selling your home, you can let potential buyers know that the electrical panel box has already been upgraded.

Long-Term Benefits

Upgrading your electrical panel will not only reduce your homeowner’s insurance, but it will also increase the value of your home. If you’re not planning to move, you can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of a fully-functioning electrical panel.

Our Electrical Expertise Includes:

  • Main circuit breakers
  • Branch circuit breakers
  • Replacing circuit breakers
  • Adding circuits
  • Adding breakers
  • Fix problems that cause breakers to trip constantly
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Electrical panel repairs
  • 220-volt circuits

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Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement Services in Newark, NJ and Other Areas

Experiencing electrical issues or looking to expand your home? Our team has got you covered. Our professionals provide comprehensive electrical panel upgrade and repair services for homeowners in locations such as Clifton, Brick, Newark, Jersey City, Toms River, Paterson, and Lakewood. Give your household safety, comfort, and peace of mind by scheduling an electrical panel replacement today. Call our electricians by phone at (732) 638-4317 to book an appointment.

If you need a new electrical panel in your home, give our electricians a call at (732) 638 4317 to book an appointment.

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