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7 Reasons Your Boiler Is Not Working

7 Reasons Your Boiler Is Not Working

Boilers are an essential part of keeping you warm during the long winter months. Consequently, when they’re not working properly, it can be a frustrating and time-sensitive issue that needs attention. Discover the seven most frequent boiler problems and how you can get back to living comfortably.

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Common Types of Boiler Problems

If your home isn’t getting or staying warm, one of these seven reasons could be the culprit.

1. No Heat or Hot Water

The cause for this common and frustrating problem could be a variety of things. Broken components, low pressure, or faulty valves can all cause no heat or warm water to come from your boiler.

2. Low Pressure

Low boiler pressure can also lead to leaks and minimal heat. The pressure gauge should be 1.5 — anything below that means there is low pressure and your boiler will not work properly.

3. Leaks

Boilers with water leaks will not work properly. This common boiler problem can be caused by a piece like the pressure valve or pump seal not functioning correctly. The pressure valve will leak if the pressure in the system has gotten too high. A worn down pump seal will also cause issues. The last cause of a leak could be the pipes eroding.

4. Frozen Condensate Line

During extreme weather, it can be common for the pipe responsible for moving condensate from the boiler to the drain outside your home to freeze. This causes a blockage in the pipes, which can result in your boiler not working.

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5. Malfunctioning Radiator

Air buildup or backups of sludge can cause a radiator to distribute heat unevenly through your home. Cold patches can result from this as well.

6. Defective Thermostat

Another common boiler problem is caused by a defective thermostat. It could be broken or need new batteries. You also want to make sure the time on the thermostat is accurate — especially around Daylight Savings!

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7. Unusual Noises

Is your boiler making strange noises? If your boiler is not working correctly and you hear loud noises, this is a sign of a mild to severe issue. Although a boiler will make noise when it’s operating, there are certain sounds that may indicate problems. The most common unusual sounds a boiler can make are:


A banging and clunking sound coming from the tank is kettling. It is caused by limescale buildup that forms a layer between the water and the heat exchanger. Limescale can reduce a boiler’s efficiency and overall shorten the lifespan.


If air has become trapped in the boiler, you’ll hear gurgling. Air can corrode the boiler, so releasing the air from inside the tank is crucial.


Whistling can be a result of limescale or air trapped in the boiler, but it could also be from a block in the pipes.

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