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If your current furnace requires lots of repairs or is performing inadequately, it’s time to consider a replacement. Most furnaces have a lifespan of 10+ years, but if you do not perform regular maintenance, it may not last that long.

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We offer furnace replacement and installation services to homeowners in New Jersey and New York. We’re the HVAC company residents and businesses have trusted for generations. Our certified staff is available 24-hours a day. Browse our furnace replacement solutions and see which choice is right for you. Give our team of technicians a call by phone at (732) 638-4317 to receive help with choosing a new furnace.

6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Furnace

1.) It’s 10+ Years Old

Older heating units will need replacement sooner rather than later. If your system is currently functioning, it’s best to start budgeting for a replacement furnace.

2.) Your Utility Bills Have Increased

If your energy bills are significantly higher and the usage of your furnace has remained the same or decreased, your unit may be working overtime to reach the temperature on your thermostat. Our team of certified technicians offer furnace replacement services in areas such as Haverstraw, Jersey City, Slatsburg, Newark, and Tom’s River. As the parts in your furnace start to deteriorate, the efficiency of your system will decrease and your energy bills will skyrocket. Our technicians are committed to helping you choose a new heating system to help you save money on your energy bills.

3.) Constant Repairs

Your heating unit shouldn’t require constant repairs. If your furnace breaks down often or requires costly repairs, think about getting a new heating system. Replacing a faulty furnace can save you time and money.

4.) Weird Noises

Strange popping and banging sounds are not good indicators. Aging furnaces on their last leg will typically start signaling the end of their lifespan with these sounds.

5.) You’re Uncomfortable

If your furnace isn’t producing enough hot air to warm your house, it likely needs to be replaced. Contact a certified HVAC technician to confirm this is the issue.

6.) Furnace Flame Burns Yellow Instead of Blue

A yellow burning furnace flame is very dangerous. It signifies your system is burning carbon monoxide, a highly toxic and deadly chemical. A completely functional furnace produces a blue flame.

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Benefits of High-Efficiency Furnaces

This heating unit generates substantially more heat while using less energy. Hence the name: high-efficiency. The benefits of installing high-efficiency furnaces are plenty:

  • Decreased utility bills
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sealed combustion
  • Long-lasting

Do I Have the Right Size Furnace?

Most homeowners don’t know the size of their furnace, but that’s okay. The amount of heat a furnace generates every 60 minutes determines its size. To put it simply, we measure the amount of heat generated using British thermal units (BTUs). If the BTUs of your furnace are inconsistent with the size of your home, you most likely have a unit that is too big or too small.

Top Signs Your Furnace Is Too Large

Short Cycle

Your system runs for a short period of time before overheating and automatically shutting down. Working in flash spurts may not seem like a big deal, but it is.

Inconsistent Heating

One of the downfalls of a short cycling furnace is fluctuating temperatures. One room may be your desired temperature while another is the complete opposite.


A furnace that’s too big will need constant repairs and eventual replacement. The abrupt off/on of short cycles will lead to malfunctioning components and eventually premature system failure.

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Top Indicators Your Furnace Is Too Small

Frequent Discomfort

A smaller furnace won’t be able to operate efficiently in the winter. Attempting to reach the set temperature on a thermostat will require running day and night.

Short Lifespan

A furnace that runs constantly will wear down faster than a heating unit that’s too small for its environment.

High Utility Bills

A system that’s too small operates similarly to a malfunctioning unit. It’s extremely inefficient and spikes your energy or gas bill.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a New Heating System

Replacing an old heating system is not about getting equipment that is more popular among homeowners or one that has the most advanced features. Every home is unique and every comfort need is different. When you ask Gold Medal Service to help you with your heater replacement in East Brunswick, or elsewhere in New Jersey, you can be sure that we get the job done right. We recommend heating equipment for you based on a thorough assessment of your lifestyle, your space, and your budget. We even send a comfort specialist to your home to accurately determine which heating replacement unit is best for you.

Other factors we take into consideration in a piece of heating equipment include:

  • System type or whether you want a furnace, heat pump, or boiler?
  • Your preferred fuel source
  • Energy efficiency level
  • Indoor air quality
  • Zoning capabilities

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Furnace Installation Solutions

Replacing your furnace may seem daunting, but rest assured our trained service technicians will help find the right furnace for your residential property. With locations in Toms River, Jersey City, Paterson, Haverstraw, Newark, and Pomona, we’ll provide the services you need backed by our money-back guarantee. Contact our team at Gold Medal Service for furnace repair or replacement services. Book an appointment online or call (732) 638-4317 to speak with a representative.

Give our team a call by phone at (732) 638-4317 to receive help choosing a new furnace for your house.

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