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Whole-House Generator Installation and Replacement Services in New Jersey

Invest in a Generator to Provide Unlimited Electricity for Your New Jersey Home

Whole-house generators are an ideal solution for homes in New Jersey that experience frequent power outages. Our licensed electricians offer dependable whole-house generator installation and replacement services for homeowners in areas such as Newark, Edison, Clifton, Jersey City, Lakewood, Toms River, and Paterson. We provide reputable electrical services for generators to ensure you are never left in the dark.

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Keeping your appliances running during a blackout keeps your family safe during a major disaster. Our experienced technicians will equip your home with the necessary system to keep your lights, refrigerator, air conditioning unit unit, HVAC system, security system, and other appliances working during an outage. Give us a call at (732) 638-4317 to receive professional whole-house generator replacement and installation solutions in your local area.

5 Advantages of Whole-House Generators

Whole-house generators offer homeowners priceless benefits such as:

  • Improved Safety
  • Automatic Electricity
  • Unlimited Power
  • Efficiency
  • Peace of Mind

Let’s investigate each to understand why you should invest in a whole-house generator installation or replacement project.

1. Improved Safety

Installing a whole-house generator can be a great way to improve the safety of your home. These systems are designed to kick in immediately when your primary power source is interrupted, giving you and your family peace of mind during power outages.

You will have access to emergency lighting and other essential safety features such as security systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and HVAC systems. They all will continue to run. Whole-house generators are also safer than portable gas generators.

They emit fewer emissions which can help keep air quality levels safe and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. By opting for a standby generator installation, you can ensure the safety and security of your home even in emergencies.

2. Automatic Electricity

Whole-house generators provide automatic power in the event of an outage. This means that the appliances, security system and other electronics in your house are automatically powered with no effort on your part. Unlike portable generators, standby generators turn on when your primary power source goes out.

Our team of whole-house generator installers offer reputable electrical solutions for homes in Newark, NJ and are committed to ensuring you do not have to deal with the negative consequences of a power outage. These systems provide peace of mind knowing that your food will not spoil. In addition, appliances will be operable so you can continue with your daily tasks.

Whole-House Generator Installation Services in Newark, NJ

3. Unlimited Power

A whole-house generator lets you enjoy the convenience of unlimited power. Unlike portable generators, which run out of fuel when their tank is empty, standby generators draw power from the local utility grid and are connected to an existing gas line. It ensures that your generator will never be without power, and you can keep your home running regardless of the unpredictable weather.

4. Efficient

Whole-house generators are a much more efficient option than portable generators. A whole-house generator gives you access to reliable and unlimited power without refueling. These generators are also integrated into the existing electrical system in your home.

An advantage of performing a whole-house generator installation is that you can choose which appliances or systems you want to be powered, such as your refrigerator, HVAC system, or security system. It ensures you only use the energy necessary for essential appliances during an outage.

5. Peace of Mind

A whole-house generator prevents additional problems and allows you to use your plumbing, making your life easier. It provides you and your family with peace of mind during an emergency. During a power outage, your life will continue as normal. You can operate essential appliances like refrigerators, HVAC, and security systems.

Our staff of local electricians in Jersey City, NJ will provide you with a generator to make sure you are better prepared for any natural disasters or unexpected storms in your area. A standby generator will give you the assurance and confidence of knowing that no matter what happens, you will always have access to reliable, unlimited power.

How Does a Whole-House Generator Work?

A whole-house generator is essential for providing reliable power during a power outage. All generators require a fuel source, whether natural gas or propane, and a powerful engine starts automatically when the transfer switch detects an outage. The generator then produces energy to rotate the rotor shaft, creating electrical power.

Our staff of whole-house generator installers will connect the generator to a transfer switch that is integrated with your electrical system to provide reliable backup power. Finally, the generator controller monitors performance, detects problems, and allows users to change settings.

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Whole-House Generator Installation Services in Newark, NJ, and Other Areas

A whole-house generator is essential in your home to ensure you do not have to live without power during a blackout. The expert electricians at Gold Medal offer dependable whole-house generator installation services for residents in areas of New Jersey such as Lakewood, Brick, Newark, Old Bridge, Middletown, Trenton, Jersey City, and Woodbridge.

Our team will always protect you from any potential electrical disruptions. To schedule an appointment with our staff of whole-house generator installers near you, please call (732) 638-4317 to receive assistance.

If you want to invest in a whole-home generator, give our team of skilled electricians a call at (732) 638-4317 to schedule an appointment.

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