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Water Softener Installation and Repair Services

We provide reliable water softener installation and repair services for your hard water issues. Our expert plumbers can free your water supply of the excess minerals that cause hard water and restore it to a usable condition. Our technicians offer reputable plumbing services for homes in areas of New Jersey such as Newark, Lakewood, Jersey City, Trenton, Paterson, and Brick. Our team is available to help you with hard water issues in your house. Give our plumbers a call at (732) 638-4317 to book an appointment.

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Why Is Hard Water a Problem?

Hard water is problematic because it promotes corrosion of your plumbing fixtures and pipes. The easiest way to combat sediment buildup on your fixtures is to install or repair a water softener in your home. Water softeners are designed to remove excess minerals from your water to increase the life cycle of your water pipes, appliances, and fixtures.

5 Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

To help you decide if investing in a water softener is the right solution for you, we have created an outline of the top five advantages of water softeners.

1. Saves Money

Installing a water softener will save money. With no mineral buildup in your pipes, fixtures, or appliances, you don’t have the expense of repair work in the future. The mineral buildup that causes clogs is challenging to clear, except by professionals.

Hard water can cause significant damage to your appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, ice makers, and coffee machines. In addition, a buildup of minerals can increase the cost of operating your hot water heater.

2. Clean Hair and Soft Skin

Hard water doesn’t only affect your pipes and fixtures, it can also be harsh on your hair and skin. Soft water is more soluble in soaps and shampoos, avoiding the formation of soap scum. Your softened water lathers better for shampooing and showers. Soft water is also more gentle on your skin.

The lack of minerals in soft water allows your skin to hold moisture easier and also helps maintain the pH level of your hair. In contrast, hard water can cause dry, brittle hair and dry, irritated skin.

3. Brighter and Softer Clothes

Hard water is tough on your clothing during the washing cycle. The excess minerals hinder the work of detergents and can leave your clothes feeling hard. The minerals leave traces on the fabric, affecting the look and longevity of your items.

Soft water supports your detergent by being more water soluble, so you can use less detergent to get good results. You may also save more money by skipping fabric softener when you wash your clothes. Our team of expert plumbers offer dependable water softener installation services in Newark, NJ and are dedicated to helping you prevent issues caused by hard water.

4. Easier to Clean Dishes

After you wash dishes, do you ever notice that your glass and silverware dry with a cloudy appearance? This may be the result of hard water residue building up on them. Soft water works well with dish soaps and detergents, so there are more suds and more efficient cleaning.

5. Spend Less Time Cleaning

Cleaning can already take up considerable time, but if you must re-clean items and areas due to the adverse effects of hard water, it takes even more time. Not only do you have significant soap scum and water stains to deal with, but add to that the time it takes to scrub mineral buildup off fixtures and your toilet.

Hard water can increase cleaning time because many things must be cleaned more frequently or with specialized cleaners. Detergents dissolve more easily in soft water and are made to work more efficiently. This saves you time and money for cleaning.

Water Softener Installation and Repair Services in Newark, NJ

Why Should You Choose to Work With Gold Medal?

With other plumbing services available to you, you may be wondering why you should choose Gold Medal. Here are a few reasons you can’t go wrong with the experts on our team.

100% Satisfaction

We recognize that water softener installation services are an investment and that new customers may need added confidence. This is why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Before work commences, we offer a complete description of what will be done, so both parties are clear on expectations. If you aren’t happy with the job upon completion, you can receive a full refund. This removes the risk for our customers. Our work is guaranteed to be professional, reliable, and top-quality.

Same Day Service

Critical leaks, clogs, and other plumbing issues can arise suddenly and can’t always wait to be fixed. Our team of expert plumbers in Woodbridge, NJ offer same day service so you don’t have to wait. Call us and feel confident we will take your emergency seriously and be there for you.

No Breakdown Guarantee

Are you worried that the work will look great at first but will later break down? To give you confidence in our work, we offer a No Breakdown Guarantee. This ensures high quality services and protects you if something unexpected happens.

$89 Plumbing Diagnostic and Dispatch Fee

Sometimes you aren’t sure what is causing your plumbing problems. In this situation, we offer a plumbing diagnostic and dispatch free that is $89! You can have a professional come out and figure out your issue for a minimal fee.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water describes the condition of tap water that has a high mineral content. It contains calcium, magnesium, and trace amounts of several other minerals. The more these minerals accumulate in your water, the harder it becomes.

Hard water can occur almost anywhere such as in city water or well water. It is safe to drink and use, but over time, plumbing issues can arise. You will know you have hard water if you see any of the following:

  • Chalky spots on dishes and silverware and in your dishwasher
  • Mineral buildup on taps and white porcelain
  • Clothing colors fading and feeling rough
  • Low water pressure in your shower because of clogged pipes
  • Dry and irritated skin
  • Dry and lifeless hair

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Water Softener Repair and Installation Services in Newark, NJ

Fortunately, if your area has hard water, a water softener can fix it. Our team of experts provide comprehensive water softener repair and installation services for homeowners in areas of New Jersey such as Middletown, Newark, Toms River, Clifton, Jersey City, Edison, and Paterson. We are determined to provide superior local plumbing services in your neighborhood.

Our technicians also offer a variety of other plumbing solutions including water line repair, sink replacement, drain clearing, sump pump repair, and water heater installation. Our team emergency plumbers in Clifton, NJ will help you eliminate hard water in your home. Give our professionals a call by phone at (732) 638-4317 to schedule an appointment.

If you need help installing a water softener in your home, give our team of expert plumbers a call at (732) 638-4317 to book an appointment.

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