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Sewer & Water Line Replacement & Installation Services

In need of a certified plumber to replace your sewer line? Our team of licensed plumbers offer exceptional sewer or water line replacement and installation services in areas such as New York and New Jersey. Our trained technicians are diligent and dedicated. We’ll fix your broken or damaged pipes correctly the first time. Gold Medal is a leading plumbing company that has proudly served home and business owners for over 24 years. Give our team of plumbers a call by phone at (732) 638-4317 to receive assistance with damaged pipes.

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To prevent damage to your lawn and property, we have implemented trenchless sewer line replacement solutions in your area. Discover the most common reasons why water pipes are replaced:

  • Old Age
  • Cracks
  • Leaks
  • Corrosion
  • Water Discoloration
  • Decreased Water Pressure

Some of the benefits of our trenchless sewer and water line replacement in New Jersey include:

  • Saves time – Since there’s no need required, the process is relatively faster than traditional methods
  • Saves money – Damages to your property is minimized, meaning there’s no need for any structural modification after
  • Less invasive to your property – You don’t have to worry about your landscaping as the process will only require digging two small holes

Environmentally friendly – No digging means no disturbance to plants, trees, and earth in the area

Top Types Of Pipes Utilized In Homes

You may not know what kind of piping you have in your home, but that’s okay. A certified plumber can easily examine and determine the materials used throughout your plumbing system. Below we’ll discuss the most commonly used materials and list the pros and cons of each.

  • PEX Pipes

The most popular pipes on the market are PEX (polyethylene) pipes. This cross-linked material is durable enough to support intense water pressure, yet flexible enough to fit into ceilings, crawlspaces, basements, and walls.

Lifetime: Indefinite

  • Inexpensive
  • Color-coded
  • Incredibly flexible
  • Push-fit plumbing
  • Long-term longevity unknown
  • Susceptible to leaks
  • Not recyclable
  • Not legal everywhere

PVC Pipes

Commonly known as PVC, polyvinyl chloride pipes are significantly lighter and easier to handle than alternative pipe materials. If you notice a leak behind your walls, give our team a call to receive assistance with damaged PVC pipes. Our licensed plumbers offer reliable sewer and water line replacement services in areas such as Lakewood, Haverstraw, Jersey City, Sloatsburg, Tom’s River, and Pomona. Our team will perform an inspection of your PVC pipes and eliminate the water leaks in your home.

Lifetime: Up to 70 years

  • Inexpensive
  • Versatile
  • Needs to be cut
  • May leak if installed incorrectly
  • Prone to damage in sunlight

Rigid Copper Pipes

This type of piping is mainly used for water lines throughout a residence. Rigid copper pipes are ideal because they don’t contain many health risks.

Lifetime: 70-80 years

  • Resistant to heat
  • Withstands high water pressure
  • Recyclable
  • Difficult to work with
  • Expensive
  • Requires soldered connections

ABS Pipes

ABS piping is made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene for the purpose of draining or venting. Similar to PVC material, ABS is black and slightly softer.

  • More durable than PVC
  • Not impacted by cold temperatures

Supported for underground and exterior use

  • Warps and deforms in warm climates
  • Often not permitted by building code

Galvanized Steel & Cast Iron Pipes

For decades, galvanized steel pipe was used for water supply, drainage, and gas. Although it’s still implemented for gas purposes, galvanized steel isn’t used when remodeling or in new construction.

Cast iron piping is most commonly used in drains or sewage lines. Its long-term durability allows usage until cast iron has rusted and corroded.

Lifetime: 80-100 years


Needed in the natural gas industry


Prevents water flow when corroded

Water & Sewer Line Replacement Solutions

No matter the extent of your plumbing issues, the experts at Gold Medal are available to assist you. Manage your plumbing issues with an experienced company that values quality and professionalism. We provide fast and convenient water or sewer line replacement services in areas such as Tom’s River, Pomona, Jersey City, Haverstraw, Newark, and Sloatsburg. Using non-invasive methods our technicians will replace your plumbing system quickly and efficiently. Trust us to resolve your emergency sewer line replacement issues. Get in touch with Gold Medal Service technicians today. Call (732) 638-4317 or schedule an appointment online.

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