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Recessed Lighting Installation and Repair Services

Transform the lighting and ambiance in your home with our dedicated team of friendly electricians. We proudly offer comprehensive recessed lighting installation and repair services to homeowners across New Jersey, including Edison, Bayonne, Newark, Paterson, Toms River, Jersey City, and Lakewood. With our electrical lighting services, let your living spaces shine brightly and beautifully. Give our professionals a call at (732) 638-4317 to book an appointment.

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Recessed Lighting Housings

Housing is the light fixture above the ceiling, holding the trim and bulb. You can choose from new construction housing if you are adding a room or building a new home, or if you have an existing ceiling, remodeled housing is a viable option. For spaces with direct contact with insulation, consider insulation-contact rating housing to be safe, or if you have three inches of clearing, consider non-IC housing.

Any home with an unconditioned space may want airtight housing to keep your conditioned room comfortable in warmer and cooler weather. Shallow-ceiling housing is popular for ceilings that use two-by-six-inch joists, and sloped ceiling housing is popular for giving light space so you can angle it on your sloped ceiling.

Suppose you are not sure which option is best. In this case, our team of electricians are happy to come in and perform an electrical safety inspection to give you our professional opinion so you get a safe and beautiful finished look.

Jersey City, NJ Recessed Lighting Installation Services

Popular Types of Trim for Recessed Lights

Once you decide on the housing, the next step of a recessed lighting installation project is to pick out the trim. You have several choices once again, and our staff is ready to help you choose the best option. They include:

Baffle Trim

A type of lighting fixture part called baffle trim is often used in concealed lighting systems. Its job is to direct and control the light from the hidden light bulb. The inside of the baffle trim is curved or patterned, which helps cut down on glare and guide light in the right direction.

Many people choose this design because it makes the light source less noticeable, creating a softer, more spread light. It’s suitable for homes that want a less sharp and more pleasing lighting effect. You can get baffle trim in various colors and styles to match different interior designs.

Reflector Trim

The inner part of the reflector trim is smooth and shiny, which effectively reflects light and increases the brightness and range of the recessed lighting. This trim often directs light downwards or draws attention to certain things or places in a room.

Since it makes the light more intense and directed, reflector trim is an excellent choice for bedrooms with picture frames and other types of accessories you want to highlight. It comes in white, chrome, and glossy finishes to meet a range of lighting and style needs.

Open Trim

Open trim has no lens or cover to shield the light source, which means that the light bulb is exposed in the recessed housing. This design directs light into the space without obstructions. Open trim can be utilized with incandescent, halogen, or LED lamps when a casual or industrial aesthetic is desired.

Open trim lacks glare reduction or diffusion-like trim with covers or baffles, which is unsuitable for soft or controlled lighting settings. Workshops, utility rooms, and spaces that highlight the exposed bulb use it.

Do you want to confirm if open trim is the correct decision for your room or living space? Our team of expert electricians offer extensive recessed lighting installation services in Jersey City, NJ and will help you choose the correct type of trim and light fixture for your house.

Eyeball Trim

Eyeball trim is equipped with an adjustable, pivoting mechanism that directs light from the recessed fixture to the desired direction or angle. Eyeball trim looks like a round and movable “eyeball,” thus its name. This trim is excellent for focusing light onto particular objects, artwork, or architectural aspects in your space.

Eyeball trim allows light placement, making it ideal for accent lighting. Its ability to focus light on different sections of space provides adjustable lighting control, and eyeball trim comes in several finishes to fit décor styles.

Gimbal Trim

The pivoting mechanism of the gimbal trim lets you guide the light from the recessed lighting, and it has one or more pivot points to tilt and rotate the trim to direct light. Gimbal trim is ideal for accent or task lighting due to its versatility.

It is perfect for highlighting features or creating changeable lighting effects since it lets you focus the light on certain items, artwork, or sections in a space. Our staff of skilled electricians provide remarkable recessed lighting installation services for households and are available to help you configure gimbal trim for your lighting fixture.

Wall-Wash Trim

Wall-wash trim is used in recessed lighting fixtures to light a vertical surface like a wall with gentle, consistent illumination. Its optical design focuses fixture light outward and upward, spreading it evenly across the wall.

Wall-wash trim reduces glare and shadows for an excellent, balanced lighting impression. Architectural and interior design uses this trim to accent textured surfaces, artwork, and wall decorations.

It may also visually extend a room to make it feel bigger. Wall-wash trim comes in various sizes to fit recessed bulbs and provide the required lighting effect. It is used in applications that need well-lit, attractive environments.

Jersey City, NJ Recessed Lighting Installation Services

Recessed Lighting Installation Services in Jersey City, NJ, and Other Areas

Our recessed lighting installation and repair services show our dedication to doing great work. Our team of highly skilled electricians in Jersey City, NJ is committed to giving you the best lighting options for your living areas because our company knows how important it is to make your home well-lit and visually appealing.

We offer our electrical lighting services in areas of New Jersey including Old Bridge, Jersey City, Trenton, Clifton, Paterson, Lakewood, Bayonne, and Newark, so you can get them whenever you need them. We combine technical expertise with an eye for design, ensuring that your lighting installations are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you are after a modern and sleek look or a warm and cozy ambiance, we have the skills and knowledge to make it happen. Illuminate your home with precision and care, enhancing its aesthetics and functionality with our top-tier electrical services in your local area. Give our electricians a call at (732) 638-4317 to receive support with installing recessed lights in your household.

If you need assistance installing recessed lights in your kitchen or bedroom, give our team of expert electricians a call at (732) 638-4317 to book an appointment.

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