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Faucet Repair and Installation Services

Do you have a leaky faucet that won’t stop dripping? Are you looking to upgrade your plumbing fixtures and need an expert to install them? When it comes to faucet repairs and installation, our team at Gold Medal Service has you covered. We offer an array of residential plumbing services, including repairing one of the most important features in your bathroom or kitchen. Give our team a call at (732) 638-4317 to book an appointment.

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With more than 20 years of industry experience, we’re the local plumbing contractor you can trust. Our specialists proudly serve communities throughout the Garden State, including Jersey City, Bayonne, Newark, and Clifton.

Faucet Installation

Whether you’re renovating your home or building it from the ground up, you need high-quality faucets throughout your house. You can count on our reliable technicians to install each faucet correctly and provide your home with up-to-date plumbing.

Faucet Maintenance

The faucets in your home get daily use. Over time, the wear and tear can cause them to break down and require replacement.

We offer professional maintenance services that will keep these vital fixtures in excellent condition. Our experts can combat the effects of hard mineral buildup within the faucets and keep them from deteriorating.

Plumbing Fixtures

Does your kitchen sink faucet always drip even when you turn it off? Does water flow out at a low-pressure level when you turn on your bathtub faucet? Our team specializes in plumbing fixture repair so the faucets in every room work properly.

We even offer shower fixture installation so you can enjoy a hot, relaxing shower without issue. 

Faucet Cartridge Replacement

Your faucet’s cartridge may need replacement if the handle for hot water only releases cold water. This is a simple faucet repair that our team can handle. We’ll show up to your home with all the equipment necessary to check the cartridge and replace it. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Your kitchen and bathroom faucets are integral parts of your home’s plumbing system. If something isn’t right with either of these fixtures, we can inspect for any damage. If necessary, our team will conduct pipe repairs to restore the flow of water to these faucets or replace them with newer models. 

Faucet Parts

Homeowners aren’t always able to get their hands on various faucet parts to conduct repairs. That’s why it’s best to call our residential plumbers in Jersey City, NJ. We’ll arrive at your home with all of the equipment necessary to restore a damaged faucet or install a brand-new one.

Newark, NJ Faucet Repair and Plumbing Services

Signs You Need a Faucet Repair

Give us a call when you experience any of the following problems, and we’ll perform accurate repairs.

Dripping faucet: Your faucet should not have any water flowing from it when it’s not turned on. If water constantly drips from the faucet, it’s time for a repair service.

Low water pressure: The faucet may have a damaged valve or a large amount of sediment, which produces a weaker-than-normal water pressure. 

Rust or corrosion: A rusted faucet can produce leaks if you don’t take care of it right away. Save yourself from future problems and replace the fixture right away. 

Noises: The internal parts of your faucet may become loose or deteriorate. When this happens, it results in a whistling noise coming from the faucet. 

Difficulty turning water on and off: If you can’t turn the faucet on or off, contact a plumber for repairs. The valve may be the problem, or your handle may be worn out. 

Common Faucet Issues Our Expert Plumbers Can Repair

Count on our knowledgeable team to conduct repairs on any malfunctioning faucet. Even if your shower faucet and kitchen sink faucet are experiencing two different problems, we’ll assess the situation and resolve the issue quickly. Our licensed plumbers won’t quit until you have working faucets throughout your New Jersey home. 

Below is a breakdown of the most common reasons why homeowners need faucet repairs. 

Leaky Faucets

Unnecessary water leakage can wreak havoc on your plumbing system and your water bills. Let us take care of this issue for you. We’ll inspect the pipes around the plumbing fixtures as well as internal components to diagnose the source of the leak and stop it in its tracks. 

Weak Water Pressure

Your faucet’s aerator can collect dirt and debris over time, which reduces your water pressure. Our experienced plumbers use special tools to clean the aerator and restore the system’s water pressure. If you still have limited water pressure, we can inspect your water heater and pipes, which can also impact your home’s water pressure. 

Not Receiving Water From the Faucet

If no water flows from your faucet when you turn it on, give us a call. You’ll likely need a valve replacement to restore the flow of water.

We’ll install a new valve that won’t break down with proper maintenance. In addition to checking the valves, our plumbers will also clean the chambers and inspect other internal components. 

Broken Handles

The handles on your faucet can break for any number of reasons. All it takes is a quick consultation with our experts at Gold Medal Service to have working handles once again. We’ll use industry-grade equipment to fix damaged handles and make it easier for you to operate your faucet.

Strange Sounds

The washer inside your faucet can loosen over time. When this happens, you may hear a high-pitched whistling sound coming from the fixture. At Gold Medal, we’ll inspect the system and tighten the connection so your faucet runs quietly once again.

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Don’t waste time and energy fussing with a damaged faucet in your kitchen or bathroom. Instead, make the wise decision to call Gold Medal Service for faucet repair and replacement. Our experts work with the most trusted brands and know how to get your plumbing fixtures in excellent condition. 

Join the growing list of satisfied customers we help in communities like Passaic, Lakewood, Trenton, and Union City. Use our online booking tool or call (732) 638-4317 to schedule emergency plumbing services.

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