Solid Heating, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning Services for Customers in Highlands, NJ

Our team of professionals has been serving the Highlands, New Jersey community for decades. Gold Medal offers exceptional-quality heating and cooling repairs, professional tune-ups, and plumbing repairs and replacements. We provide the best service and care possible to our Highlands homeowners and families.

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Air Conditioning

Gold Medal understands how miserable life can be without a working AC unit. Our tune-ups can keep any air conditioning unit in excellent condition and prevent expensive repairs. We also offer extensive AC repair and replacement services and can help keep new units functioning to the best of their ability.


Heating and air conditioning issues can be devastating during and kind of extreme weather, but surviving a hot summer without AC isn’t nearly as dangerous as going through a winter without a heater. When temperatures plummet, it’s important to protect yourself and your family from the cold by ensuring that your home’s heater is functioning properly. That’s why Gold Medal offers immediate heater repair and replacement.


Plumbing issues come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like water line problems, occur beneath the surface of a home. Others, such as damaged faucets, are obvious and easier to repair. No matter the type or depth of damage, Gold Medal can replace or repair the necessary systems and components.


When generators stop working and lighting issues start to occur, it’s time to call the professionals. Attempting D.I.Y. electrical repair is extremely dangerous, and it’s typically faster, safer, and less expensive to simply hire an electrician. Fortunately, Gold Medal’s team of technicians is more than qualified to handle nearly any electrical problem.

Gold Medal Loves Highlands

Gold Medal loves the residents of Highlands, New Jersey (07732). Gorgeous Sandy Hook Beach and the Twin Lights State Park make the area truly shine, thanks to the dedication and compassion of the Highlands community. We’re committed to providing the most exemplary service to all families and customers in the area, and all of New Jersey. Please visit or call us today for information concerning AC, heating, plumbing, or electrical repairs. We look forward to hearing from you.