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Reliable, effective, and budget-friendly solutions are some of the reasons we at Gold Medal are a successful company in Deal, New Jersey. We are proud to work with qualified and experienced technicians who have years of experience handling common problems residents have in plumbing plus heating and cooling. Contact our team, 24/7 to learn more about our services.

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Air conditioning

Is your AC squealing when you turn it on? Slipping of the belt that connects the motor to the blower or the bearings on your condenser’s motor are some causes of this problem. ACs may also leak water, emit weird odors, and fail to maintain consistent temperatures. All these are problems that our air conditioner experts can diagnose and fix.


Getting ready for winter means carrying out preventive furnace maintenance. Having a professional tune-up will prepare you for the cold season and save you money on repairs. Our team inspects the burner, cleans the blower, vacuums it, clears dust from the flame sensor, and inspect the heat exchanger for any cracks. If you’re dealing with a broken furnace that is not working or produces unusual noises, the experts at Gold Medal can check your system and offer solutions within your budget in the Deal, NJ area.


Are you struggling to get your sewer clean, or you need to do a remodel of your plumbing system? You don’t have to worry as we have an experienced team knowledgeable about the various plumbing problems you’re likely to encounter and how to resolve them. You can depend on us to fix your sewer, toilet, tub, faucets, gas line, and more. Contact us today to handle all of your plumbing needs.


An electrical problem can escalate and have a detrimental effect. That’s why it’s critical to address any electrical issues immediately. When you have Gold Medal, you can relax as we have qualified electricians with training to repair your electrical system. Also, when you need to replace or upgrade your electrical system, you can be sure of experienced professionals handling the job.

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