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What Is a Good AFUE Rating?

What Is a Good AFUE Rating?

Have you noticed a recent decrease in your heater’s efficiency? Or maybe it’s been a gradual decline in the amount of heat being produced. Do you know what your heater’s AFUE rating is? If you’re a homeowner, you’re not alone in not realizing your heater has an AFUE rating, let alone knowing what that rating means. Discover what AFUE ratings are, how ratings are calculated, and what this means for your heater.

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AFUE Ratings

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This rating is a percentage showing how efficiently the heater uses fuel. The AFUE rating can be found on the Energy Guide label on the unit. The standard requirement for newly manufactured heaters is 80%. This means 80% of the energy taken into the heater is used to heat the home.

How the Rating is Calculated

The AFUE rating is calculated by taking the total amount of heat coming from the heater and dividing it by the amount of energy the system uses. The resulting rating is the average percentage of fuel that heats the home.

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How Can Homeowners Utilize AFUE Ratings?

Every year your heater loses efficiency. So while it may have started out at an AFUE of 80%, if you’ve had it for 10 or more years, it will most likely be much lower. Replacing your heating system with one that has a higher AFUE rating can help your home heat efficiently while saving you money on your energy bill.

If you need to replace your heater, you should look at the AFUE rating when comparing systems to determine which heater operates most efficiently. Even though the minimum requirement is 80%, there are some units that can have an AFUE of up to 98.5%.


Advantages of High AFUE Heaters

Having a heater with a high AFUE rating comes with benefits.

  • The unit uses less energy
  • It saves you money
  • The home heats more efficiently
  • The system can vary the amount of heat being produced
  • The quality of the air is improved

Downsides of an AFUE Rating

The AFUE rating is just one factor to consider when searching for a replacement heater. The rating doesn’t take into account:

  • The type of fuel used
  • Poor insulation or a leaky vent which could result in efficiency decreases
  • Variable-speed operation
  • Low and high stage heating

Boiler Repair Services

Furnace Repair and Replacement Services

If you need assistance becoming familiar with the meaning of AFUE ratings prior to purchasing a heating system, book an appointment with our team. We offer exceptional furnace repair and furnace replacement services for homes in New Jersey and New York. In addition, our team of technicians provide a variety of other HVAC solutions including heat pump installation, air conditioning repair, and boiler repair. The process of repairing or replacing your heater doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

The expert heating technicians at Gold Medal can provide reliable services for:

  • Tune-Ups
  • Repairs
  • Installations
  • Replacements

Our team of experts has over 24 years of experience providing homeowners with professional and exceptional air conditioning and heating services. With upfront pricing, industry-leading warranties, and next-day installation services, it’s easy to see how Gold Medal stands out from the competition. Book your heater repair or replacement service online today or call (732) 638-4317. Heat your home efficiently with Gold Medal services.