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Cleaning the bathroom is probably not anyone’s idea of a fun time, but it’s a necessary chore that needs to be done every so often. While you may get grossed out by the idea of scrubbing your toilet bowl or sweeping lose hair from beside the vanity, there are a few things you can do to ensure your bathroom gets clean without getting too skeeved out.

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The Best and Safest Ways to Clean Your Bathroom

Move Top to Bottom

All that cleaning spray, scattered powder cleaner, and dripping water get brought down to your floor, courtesy of good, old gravity. If you start with the floors then head to the counters, you may have to do double the work if other grime or cleaning agents end up on your freshly mopped floors. Work your way down to be more efficient.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

There’s this idea that the best cleaning products are the ones that make your eyes tear and have strong warnings against direct skin contact — but that’s not the case. It’s actually better, and safer, to use natural cleaning products. You can even make your own using household items like white vinegar and baking soda.

Let Cleaning Agents Sit

Whatever cleaning agents you decide to use, give them a chance to work. Don’t just spray a cleaner onto your tub walls and immediately rinse it away. Let it sit there and break down all the grime it’s supposed to.

Don’t Use the Same Towel

When you’re trying to get your bathroom cleaned quickly, it can be easy to move from one fixture to another with the same sponge or towel — but don’t do that. If you use a sponge on your toilet then wipe down your sink counter with it, you’re just transferring dirty toilet germs to the place you keep your toothbrush and contacts.

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