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With all the hearsay in the world, there are a lot of rumors and myths you could be led to believe that are actually far from the truth. When it comes to your home, we’ve heard a lot of myths about insulation and how to properly use it. Well, we’re here to set the record straight. These are insulation myths you should ignore.

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Insulation Only Matters in Cold Weather

Very false. While having good insulation in the winter helps keep warm air from escaping your home — so you don’t waste energy or have excessive heat loss — it also provides the same benefits in the summer in terms of cool air.

That’s right: proper installation helps keep cool, conditioned air inside your home and takes the strain off of your HVAC system — strain it would otherwise have if a lack of insulation contributed to energy loss and made the system work harder.

The More Insulation the Better

Not exactly. The amount of insulation that’s required and beneficial for your home depends on your home itself. For most homes in New Jersey, four to five inches of insulation is completely fine. Less than that can lead to energy loss and be wasteful — since you won’t need that much insulation in your living space.

Always remember: it’s important to consult with your contractor before adding insulation in order to only have the appropriate amount installed.

All Insulation is the Same

Contrary to popular belief, insulation comes in more forms than the pink, cotton candy-looking material — which is what most people automatically think of when the term is mentioned. A popular form of insulation, nowadays, is foam insulation, since it can be more energy efficient in the long run. The type of insulation you choose will depend on your budget, home itself, and your overall energy needs.

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