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There are plenty of things we’re told over the years that aren’t exactly true: it’s illegal to drive with the car lights on, you can’t swim right after eating, and an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, there are probably a few lies you’ve heard when it comes to your home’s cooling system, too.

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These are some ductless AC myths you should stop believing.

Ductless AC’s are Only Good for New Construction.

Quite the opposite, actually. Because ductless AC’s only require a small hole to be made in the wall to stream a refrigerant line, they’re a great option for already-existing homes. So whether you’re building a new house or you’ve lived in your home for the past 10 years, ductless AC’s could be a good fit.

Ductless AC’s Totally Eliminate Energy Loss

We wish we could say this one was true. While these units typically don’t lose as much energy as some duct-based systems, no cooling system is perfect, so ductless AC’s do have some level of energy loss.

Ductless AC’s are Bad for Your Indoor Air Quality

This is a big myth we hear a lot! While a ductless system doesn’t have as large of an air filter as central AC systems, they aren’t completely filter-less — they wouldn’t be able to work otherwise!

Ductless AC’s have replaceable filters that catch all the pollen, mold, and other particles in your home’s air — you simply clean them each month to maintain your unit and help keep it running efficiently.

Ductless AC’s Don’t Cool Rooms Evenly

Many people think ductless AC’s are only good for cooling specific areas of a room, but the cool air they pump out spreads throughout a room just like it would from a central air system.

The key here is to use your ductless system properly and not try to make it work for too large of a space — in that case, you may start noticing uneven cooling issues.

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