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11 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System and Home for the Holidays

11 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System and Home for the Holidays

When preparing for the holidays, you might wonder where to begin. You have so much to do in so little time. Most homeowners focus solely on cleaning and creating a presentable gathering place, with few people thinking about getting their HVAC systems and furnaces ready for winter. To help prevent a system failure, we have created a list of tips to help you get your furnace ready for the winter season.

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Getting Your Furnace, HVAC System, and House Ready for the Winter Season

You already know your kitchen becomes a hub of activity during family gatherings. However, focusing all your efforts on this area will leave others neglected. Use this checklist to keep guests comfortable and secure in your home.

1. Declutter

Look through your storage closets and drawers to determine which items take up much-needed space. After all, you will receive other gifts throughout the season. They will need the space that unused items take up.

You can donate the items you no longer need to consignment shops, shelters, and other charities. People in need will appreciate the gesture. When you declutter your home, you also keep high-traffic areas more organized in preparation for guests.

2. Ensure Your Air Filter Is Clean

Getting your furnace ready for winter involves checking and changing the air filter. You want to provide the healthiest environment possible for your guests. Replacing your old filter with a fresh one removes various pollutants and contagious microbes that could aggravate allergies and cause other respiratory problems.

3. Turn On Your Heating System Briefly to Check for Problems

Run your HVAC system for at least one cycle, regardless of the type of heating system you own. An initial furnace cycle allows old dust to burn off and eliminates burning odors prior to your guests arriving for the holidays. You can also determine whether you need furnace repairs before turning on your system for the season.

11 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System and Home for the Holidays

4. Invest in a New Thermostat

Although thermostats have a 10-year lifespan, you should consider replacing yours sooner. Technological advances give you more control over the temperature throughout your home.

A smart thermostat connects to your home’s Wi-Fi, allowing you to change the settings from any location. A new thermostat will increase your guests’ comfort during their stay.

5. Make Space in the Entryway

When guests enter your home, the entryway is the first thing they see. It offers a first impression of how you manage your household. When preparing for the holidays, tidy the entryway and store unneeded items in your garage or supply closet.

Your guests need the extra space to hang their coats, set their shoes, and place their luggage. Hanging a few light strings and small ornaments makes the area festive, too. However, don’t add so many decorations that the area looks cluttered.

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6. Look at the Pilot Light

Pilot lights in furnaces often catch dust, ash, and other debris. This material can prevent the pilot light from sparking a flame. These malfunctions cause furnaces to stop working at the most inconvenient times, like when the whole family is coming over for a holiday party. Most modern systems have an electronic ignitor, so you may not see a standing flame.

7. Inspect Your Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker box disperses electricity throughout your home. Breaker trips occur from power outages and surges or problems manifesting within your power grid. Make sure all breakers are positioned correctly. Contact an electrician if you notice a tripped circuit breaker despite no obvious surges.

11 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System and Home for the Holidays

8. Hire Our Team to Perform an Annual Inspection

All HVAC systems need annual maintenance to maintain function. Contact our team of licensed professionals to receive support getting your furnace ready for the winter season. Our technicians offer extensive furnace tune-up services and will make sure your HVAC system keeps your home cozy throughout the holiday season.

9. Get Extra Sleeping Spaces Ready

If you have guests staying the night at your home, prepare the guest spaces in advance. Once people start ringing your doorbell, you might forget these details. Make sure they have easy access to comforts like:

  • Fresh sheets and extra blankets
  • Pillows with clean cases
  • Space to store their luggage
  • Night lights to help them navigate in the dark
  • Holiday decorations to capture the season’s spirit

10. Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If you use gas appliances, you should already have carbon monoxide detectors. Test these devices to ensure their battery life and secure connection. Inspect your smoke detectors as well, especially if you have a fireplace. This simple step could protect your family’s health and even save lives by eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

11. Organize Your Bathroom Supplies for Guests

Stock up on and divide bathroom supplies throughout your home. Many holiday hosts forget this key detail until someone runs out of toilet paper or shampoo. Get these essential items before guests arrive to avoid making a last-minute run to the crowded grocery store. Your shopping list might include items such as:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Soap bars
  • Counter wipes
  • Hand soap or sanitizer

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Getting Your Plumbing System Ready for the Winter

While preparing your home for the holidays, don’t overlook the essential plumbing systems. Here is a quick checklist to ensure your plumbing is in top shape for the festive season:

1. Inspect Your Pipes

Check your pipes for visible leaks under sinks, around toilets, or in the basement. Fixing minor leaks now can prevent major issues during holiday gatherings.

2. Clean Drains

Ensure your sinks and shower drains are free of debris. Consider using baking soda and white vinegar to help clean your drains. This will help to reduce odors coming from your drains as well.

3. Test Your Water Heater

With guests in the house, you will want a reliable supply of hot water. Test your water heater to ensure it’s working efficiently. If you notice any issues, it’s better to address them beforehand.

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4. Guest Bathroom Check

If you have a guest bathroom, make sure it’s in working order. Check for any leaks and ensure the toilet flushes properly.

5. Winterize Outdoor Plumbing

If you live in a colder climate, protect your outdoor plumbing from freezing temperatures. Disconnect and drain hoses, and consider insulating exposed pipes.

By including these plumbing checks in your holiday preparation routine, you can enjoy the festive season without worrying about unexpected plumbing issues. After all, a smoothly running plumbing system ensures a stress-free and joyful holiday celebration for you and your guests.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repair Services

Despite all precautions, unexpected plumbing emergencies can still occur. If you find yourself facing a burst pipe, stubborn clog, or any other plumbing issue during the holidays, rest assured that our dedicated team is here to help.

Our emergency plumbing services are available 24/7, including holidays. Simply give us a call, and our experienced plumbers will promptly address and resolve any unexpected plumbing challenges, ensuring your holidays remain stress-free and enjoyable.

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Our Heating and HVAC Repair Services

When you notice something amiss with your heating system, contact our team of licensed technicians by phone at (732) 638-4317 to book an appointment. We offer comprehensive HVAC repair services in New Jersey for unexpected emergencies throughout the holiday season. Our professionals will inspect, clean, and prepare your HVAC system for the winter.

Furnace Repair

Does your furnace make odd noises like banging and whistling? Protect your holiday cheer with our furnace repair and furnace installation services. Nothing kills the spirit of the season like frigid air seeping into your home.

Heat Pump System Maintenance

All HVAC systems need annual maintenance. Our heat pump system tune-up services prevent unexpected breakdowns and increase the heat pump’s efficiency. Keep the holidays predictable with proper heat pump maintenance before the holidays.

Boiler Repair

If you use a boiler to heat your home, you rely on its operations to keep it cozy throughout the winter. Our team ensures your boiler produces the right amount of heat and never leaks with professional boiler repair services in your local area.

Intuitive Pricing and Honest Suggestions

Our professionals provide reliable heating services in Jersey City, NJ and are available to help you prepare your system for the holidays. Our team also helps New Jersey communities enjoy a comfortable, safe holiday season. While preparing for the holidays often causes stress, following our checklist minimizes the frustration. Call our staff at (732) 638-4317 to book a plumbing or HVAC maintenance service.