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Pretty much everyone loves the warm weather and long days that summer brings, but not everyone loves the summer thunderstorms that also come about. Besides the thunder scaring the kids, those storms can also cause another big issue — power outages.

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However, if you have a generator, you won’t have to worry about anything — so long as you use it properly. When summer storms threaten your home’s power, here’s how to use your generator safely:

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Use It Outside

Never, ever turn on your generator indoors. Some homeowners will try to turn theirs on in inhaled, so always turn on your unit outside so the fumes permeate into the air instead.

Fuel It Properly

If your generator is a portable one that requires gas, you should only re-fuel it when it is powered off and has had the chance to cool down. You should also be careful when adding gas to it in order to avoid over-pouring.

Keep Your Generator Covered

Especially if your power outage is caused by a rainstorm, make sure to keep your generator covered. Of course, water and electricity don’t mix, so invest in a generator tent to keep your unit protected from the storm.

Keep the Area Clear

We’re pretty sure you’re kids or pets aren’t going to be running around during a storm, but as long as you’re using your generator, keep them away from it. The last thing you need is to risk their safety by allowing them to go near your unit.

We know that you depend on your electricity on a daily basis and you should not have to go one day without it. You can rely on our experienced team at Gold Medal Service to provide you with generator installation, repair, and maintenance services. Call us today for more information or to schedule a service!