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Water Jet Sewer Cleaning: Benefits and Applications

Water Jet Sewer Cleaning: Benefits and Applications

Sewer lines play a crucial role in removing wastewater from homes. Over time, issues like clogs or tree root intrusion can obstruct the pipe’s pathway, necessitating a pipeline maintenance service known as water jet sewer cleaning. We have created an extensive guide to help you learn more about how this service benefits you and the various methods that plumbers use to clear blockages within the sewer line. This article explains everything you need to know about water jet cleaning.

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What Is Water Jetting?

Also referred to as hydro jetting, water jetting is one of the most effective forms of drain cleaning and sewer rehabilitation. It involves sending large amounts of pressurized water through your plumbing system to clear away debris blocking wastewater flow safely.

In addition to sewer blockage removal, hydro sewer jetting services provide the following benefits:

  • Excellent pipe maintenance: Sewer pipes can clog over time or face a heavy build-up of mineral and bacterial residue. Plumbers can blast away all traces of residue with pressurized water.
  • Environmentally friendly service: Water jetting benefits your plumbing system and the environment since it doesn’t use harsh chemicals to clear blockages.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to industrial cleaning services, hydro jetting is an affordable service and doesn’t require costly add-ons like excavation.
  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas: Your sewer pipe extends a long way. Drain cleaning methods like plunging or snaking do not always penetrate the clog, while water jet drain cleaning methods are designed to clean the entire pipeline.

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Water Jet Sewer Cleaning Applications

When should you invest in a water jetting service? Experts recommend this service anytime you experience a clog in your sewer line. Water may start to back up in the drains of your plumbing fixtures because of a blockage somewhere in the system.

Plumbers may choose to perform sewer video inspections using a small camera to find the exact location of the obstruction. A blockage of natural materials like hair or grease may be behind your sluggish drains. Foreign objects may become lodged in the system. Overgrown tree roots may be impacting the shape and structure of your sewer line, and you may need a hydro excavation service to move the surrounding soil safely.

Even if your drains appear to be in working order, it’s wise to schedule water jet sewer cleaning as a form of pipeline maintenance. You will keep the pipe in excellent condition and wash away any residue or minerals that accumulate inside it.

Water Jet Sewer Cleaning: Benefits and Applications

How Does Sewer Jetting Work?

What can you expect when you schedule a sewer jetting service with a licensed plumber? The process is straightforward and much simpler than other forms of drain cleaning.

Plumbers may start by sending a small video camera through the sewer line to detect any major blockages. This allows them to determine the severity of the clog and create a plan for clearing it. They use an industrial water pump that starts to build up pressure inside the tank thanks to an engine.

Contractors will connect a hose and nozzle to the unit, which can accommodate the high levels of pressure. They carefully send the hose through the sewer line and activate the water. The incredibly high water pressure quickly penetrates any blockage and breaks apart the natural clog so wastewater can drain freely.

Plumbers can once again send an inspection camera through the system to confirm that the sewer line is free of residue and clogs. After this service is complete, you should be able to run all of your plumbing fixtures without experiencing any water backup or slow draining.

What Water Pressure and Flow Do You Need for Water Jet Drain Cleaning?

The ideal balance between water pressure and flow is crucial for effective water jet drain cleaning. The severity and composition of the clog determine the required pressure and flow.

For challenging clogs like grease and tree roots, experts suggest a water pressure between 3,500 and 4,000 pounds per square inch and a flow of at least 6 gallons per minute. For loose debris, a water flow between 40 and 60 gallons per minute and a water pressure of 1,500 PSI is suitable.

Experienced plumbers consider factors such as pipe diameter, hose length, and hose diameter to determine the appropriate water pressure and flow. Adjustments are made for optimal cleaning, accounting for variables like pressure loss and pipe diameter.

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Using High-Pressure Jetting To Fix a Clogged Sewer Line

Upon assessing the clog through a camera and determining the appropriate water pressure and flow, plumbers equip their hose with a forward-jet nozzle. This equipment delivers optimal results for breaking apart large clogs in your sewer line.

Plumbers utilize a front-facing jet nozzle until the blockage is eliminated, after which they rely on rear jets to clean the rest of the sewer line. With the right water pressure and powerful equipment, your clogged sewer pipe will be efficiently restored.

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Professional Hydro Jetting Services

There is a reason why homeowners choose the team of licensed professionals at our company to eliminate clogs in drain lines. Our team of residential plumbers in Clifton, NJ offer extensive hydro-jetting plumbing services for mild to severe blockages in pipes.

Unlike other companies, we won’t tear into your property if we don’t have to. This is why our experienced plumbers at Gold Medal specialize in water jet sewer cleaning. We can safely and quickly get your sewer and drain pipes free of debris with this affordable and eco-friendly plumbing service. Contact our team any time by phone at (732) 638-4317 for 24/7 emergency plumbing services in your local area.