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Wouldn’t it put a real damper on your morning if no water came out of your showerhead and you just stood there cold? Well, if you don’t take care of your pipes during the winter, that’s exactly what could happen. What’s worse, if left unchecked, those frozen pipes could burst and leave you with a huge mess.

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But not to worry! Here’s how you can prevent frozen pipes and keep your home and plumbing safe.

Close Exterior Doors

This is especially true for rooms that have water lines running through them. Make sure you don’t leave your garage or exterior basement doors open since this can allow cold air into those spaces and cause your pipes to freeze.

Open Cabinet Doors

Well, at least the ones with faucets or water lines in them. This allows the warm air in your home to circulate around your pipes and keep them warmer to prevent them from freezing.

Let Faucets Drip

Normally, we’re against dripping faucets, but in this case, a little drip goes a long way in preventing frozen pipes. By having even the slightest flow of water, your pipes will have less pressure built up in them and have less of a chance of freezing.

Insulate Colder Areas

Most homes have pipes running through the basement or attic, so if those areas aren’t insulated, the pipes could easily freeze during the winter months. Adding insulation to these areas can help prevent frozen pipes as well as keep more warm air inside and lower your energy bills.

Keep the Heat On

This may seem simple enough since we doubt anyone who’s experienced a New Jersey winter would ever want to turn the heat off. But if you’re taking a trip and are thinking of turning your heat off while you’re away, don’t. That will just increase your risk of returning home to find a frozen, burst pipe flooded your basement.

Instead, program your thermostat to run every few hours while you’re away. Not only does that prevent frozen pipes, but it ensures you don’t come home to a freezing cold house.

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