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At some point in your life, you’ve probably seen an action movie that features a big, climactic explosion. It looks really cool, doesn’t it? Well, imagine if instead of the bad guy’s lair blowing up, it was your own home. Terrifying, we know. Unfortunately, that could be a reality if you let a gas leak go unchecked. If you’re unsure of how to detect a gas leak — rightfully so — keep an eye, nose, and ear out for these common warning signs.

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Hissing Sound

If gas is leaking from a pipe, appliance, or behind a wall, you may hear hissing sounds coming from that area. If gas is escaping a pipe or appliance so quickly that you can hear it, that means it’s a substantial leak and needs to be taken care of immediately.

Rotten Egg Smell

Since natural gas is naturally odorless, providers add “mercaptan” into the gas. If there’s a leak, you’ll be able to tell by a rotten egg smell present in your home. While the gas itself normally isn’t that easy to detect, the smell is pretty hard to ignore.

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Patches of Dead Grass

Sometimes, gas leaks can occur outside of your home. If gas is leaking from somewhere underground, it can cause the area of grass it’s underneath to die, since natural gas is just as harmful to vegetation as it is to people. If you notice more and more dead patches of grass or shrubbery, you should have your local utility provider check your gas lines.

Physical Signs

If you don’t realize that you have a gas leak, you could go on breathing in the gas for much longer than healthy. If you or your family begin to experience headaches, memory loss, dizziness, shortness of breath, or flu-like symptoms, you should see a doctor right away and have your home inspected for a gas leak.

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Gas leaks can sometimes be the result of an improperly maintained plumbing system. Our team of emergency plumbers in Newark, NJ and other areas offer comprehensive gas line repair services for homes. In addition, our staff offers a variety of other plumbing services such as drain cleaning, sump pump replacement, and water heater installation. With the proper care from Gold Medal Service, you can keep you and your family safe from harm and your system running efficiently. For more information or to schedule a service, give us a call at 1-732-638-4317.