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While most of us love summer time, not too many of us love the scorching heat that it brings — especially when that heat makes its way into your home. Rather than cranking your AC down and your utility bills up, there are some other ways you can keep the house cool when the temperature is on the rise.

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Block Out Sunlight

One of the easiest ways for heat to get into your home is through sunlight that shines in through your windows. Closing your blinds and curtains while the sun is shining on your home can help reflect sunlight back outside and keep you cool.

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Use Your Exhaust Fan

Anytime you boil water on your stove or cook something in your oven, you’re creating more heat inside your home. Since you obviously can’t stop cooking altogether, make sure to always use your exhaust fan to pull all that excess heat out of your home.

Turn Off the Lights

While you should be doing this anyway to keep your electric bill low, you should also turn off any lights you’re not using in an effort to keep your home cool. Even though they’re small, light bulbs do give off heat that can warm up your home before you know it.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fans

While your fans don’t cool the air in your home, they do help circulate it and make for a more comfortable environment. Set your fans to spin counter-clockwise to help make your home feel less stuffy.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

One of the reasons homes can feel so warm is because they’re overly humid. Investing in a good dehumidifier can help pull excess moisture out of your home and make it feel much cooler.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up

We all know that one of the best ways to stay cool in the summer is by having a well-functioning air conditioner. But if it’s been a while since your unit was inspected, it may have some issues that make it function poorly or not at all. Scheduling an AC tune-up is essential before you turn it on for the warmer months.

At Gold Medal Service, our team of experienced professionals is proud to offer comprehensive air conditioning services in Clifton, NJ and other areas. We’re happy to come to your home to perform maintenance services just before summer to ensure that your air conditioner lasts through the hottest season.