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For many home or business owners, the idea of something going wrong with the electrical work is a burden nobody wants. Unfortunately, there are times when there can be a sign of something wrong such as flickering lights. It’s important to know why lights often flicker and the best way to go about fixing the issue.

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Electrical Issues

Flickering lights are not usually major problems and there are not always reasons for alarm. However, flickering lights can potentially mean a serious issue regarding faulty wiring. If these connections are bad, there can be unsafe levels of heat, or old breakers could have electrical issues that cause a short.

Bad Bulbs

Loose bulbs or a certain bulb type may also be the culprit when it comes to flickering. Some temperature or age issues may arise, causing fluorescent lights to flicker. Also, if a bulb is loose, it can cause rattling and inconsistent connections, which would, in turn, cause the flickering.

Dimmer Switches

Many home and business owners use dimmer switches to dim the lights. However, these are common causes of flickering when it comes to LED bulbs due to a higher electrical load. Some low-voltage bulbs will flicker when a dimmer switch is in use.

Why It’s Important to Call a Professional

While there are times when flickering bulbs are relatively simple to fix, having a professional check the problem is important because it can be a serious issue regarding the electrical wiring or the circuit breaker. Trying to fix wires or the breaker by yourself can result in electrocution or potential overheating, causing a fire concern.


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