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3 Types of Fixtures for Your Bathroom: Different Finishes and Tips

3 Types of Fixtures for Your Bathroom: Different Finishes and Tips

Your bathroom is filled with fixtures, more so than most rooms in your home. Fixtures in a bathroom often form the core elements of the room itself. This means you will have to make many decisions when planning a bathroom. Luckily, you can use some advice to guide your decisions. To help you choose beautiful fixtures and finishes, we have created an outline of various types of fixtures and ways to choose one for your bathroom.

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Common Types of Bathroom Fixtures and Ways to Choose

1. Shower Fixtures

Shower fixtures themselves are an important part of a bathroom. They decide on the type of shower experience the user will have. This can be something normal or something luxurious and refined.

More than one water fixture can be used at one time. For example, using the two most premium options, a rain shower head and body sprays, creates something many would consider to be the ultimate shower experience. Just make sure you don’t need water heater repair before your shower, or the cold will turn an otherwise luxurious experience into something far less enjoyable.

  • Wall Mount Shower Head: When most people think of a shower fixture, they think of a wall mount. These are pretty basic but manage to cover all of the essentials.
  • Handheld Shower Fixture: A handheld shower head is more useful than a stationary one. It can be used for a deeper and more controlled shower experience. It also makes cleaning the shower itself easier.
  • Rain Shower Head: A rain shower head creates an experience that emulates heavy rainfall. Most consider these bathroom fixtures to be something that elevates the shower experience into something similar to a spa.
  • Body Spray Fixtures: These are incredibly luxurious options. Having multiple streams of water makes for a shower experience like no other. These also require the most work to put in, as they need multiple wall mountings to work properly.

2. Sinks

In smaller bathrooms, your sink can be a focal point and a statement all on its own. The classic option in this regard is a pedestal-style sink. These are wonderfully effective while maintaining a timeless charm.

However, more people are opting to install vessel sinks. This type bathroom fixture can be more dramatic and pack more style into the sink itself. For larger bathrooms, like master bathrooms, an under-mounted sink is usually a better option. This can look great and provides the counter space many desire in a master bath.

3. Faucets

Faucets are typically viewed as being more utilitarian than aesthetically pleasing when it comes to bathroom fixtures. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some creative flair.

More creative modern styles use faucets in different ways. Some visibly show the water as it leaves the faucet. Others mount the faucet on the wall, though you will need to check with a local plumber to see if this is possible in your bathroom.

3 Types of Fixtures For Your Bathroom: Different Finishes and Tips

5 Different Types of Bathroom Fixture Finishes

There is more to a bathroom than the fixtures themselves. The finish of the fixtures in a bathroom dramatically alters the tone of the entire room.


Chrome is simple, sleek, and polished. These factors have made it a top choice for most bathrooms. However, chrome has other benefits. It is incredibly affordable and available everywhere. Plus, chrome fixtures are easy to clean. An option with this much practicality alongside good looks is hard to turn down.

Polished and Brushed Nickel

Polished and brushed nickel carries many of the same benefits as chrome. It is sleek and stylish while also being easy to care for. However, nickel has a slightly darker and warmer look that makes a bathroom feel a little less stale. The only downside is that it is more costly than chrome.

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Bathrooms are a common location for messes. Luckily, brass is incredibly durable and resistant to the everyday trials of a bathroom. This type of bathroom finishing is a great option for anyone who wants something that will last.

Brass also looks amazing. It looks far warmer than other options and also has a vintage charm to it. With brass, you can choose to go with polished or satin options. Polished brass has the sleek look of chrome, while satin is less ostentatious.

Oil-Rubbed and Satin Bronze

Bronze manages to capture many of the positives of brass but does so in a less obvious way. It has similar warmth, beauty, and durability. This type of finish also resists fingerprints and water spots, making it perfect for use in a bathroom.


Black matches so many different design schemes. As a result, black fixtures in the bathroom are becoming more and more popular. You can use them for a minimalist modern design or as part of something out-there and more creative.

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