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Furnace Repair Services

On cold nights, the last thing you need is a malfunctioning furnace. A lack of heat can be an inconvenience at best and a serious problem in a worst-case scenario, so it’s important to keep your home warm and comfortable. Our team of professionals provide comprehensive furnace and HVAC repair services for homeowners in Tinton Falls, NJ. Our licensed technicians are committed to maintaining the working condition of your furnace to ensure you are comfortable at all times.

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With over 24 years of experience, Gold Medal is the premier heating and cooling company in Tinton Falls. We provide dependable furnace repair services for a large number of brands and models. If you give our staff a call, you can be sure we’ll get the job done right. Give our team a call by phone at (732) 253-4197 to schedule an appointment.

5 Common Types of Furnace Problems

Is your furnace not delivering enough heat? Are strange smells coming from the unit? No matter what the issue may be, here are 5 ordinary types of furnace problems that can impact your home:

1. Contaminated Burners

When the gas burners in your furnace become dirty, they can’t release enough gas to create combustion. This is a problem because your furnace is engineered to burn natural gas to produce warm air. Regular, clean burners produce blue flames.

If your gas burners are producing a yellow or orange flame, this is a sign it’s time to call a certified technician to perform a furnace repair and remove the dirt or debris in the gas burners. Another indicator of contaminated burners is a strong rumbling sound when they ignite. When it comes to cleaning dirty burners, it is a job best left to the professionals.

2. Damaged Heat Exchanger

A damaged heat exchanger is a serious issue. Not only does it restrict your furnace from providing warm air, but it can also allow toxic carbon monoxide to enter your home. Here are some signs your heat exchanger is cracked or damaged:

  • Soot on the inside of your furnace
  • Strong, unpleasant odors
  • The water around the unit
  • Nausea, headaches, disorientation, or flu-like symptoms (these can be  indicators of carbon monoxide poisoning)

3. Ignition Issues & Failure

If there are ignition or pilot light problems, your furnace won’t be able to start or won’t provide sufficient heat to your home. This tends to happen in older systems and the source of the furnace repair issue can be a faulty thermocouple, clogged pilot orifice,  low flame setting, defective safety switch, or dirty flame sensor.

4. Furnace Is Not Receiving Power

It might seem unlikely, but sometimes furnace issues have the simplest solutions. If your furnace isn’t turning on, it could be because it isn’t receiving power. Check to ensure that it is plugged in and that all breakers are on.

5. Dirty Air Filters

Clogged air filters may be the culprit of a malfunctioning furnace. If you have dirty air filters, it will restrict the airflow and cause severe furnace repair issues. This can lead to the furnace exerting a high amount of energy and overheating, which will lead to the unit shutting down or short cycling. Make sure to clean or replace the filters as often as necessary to avoid this.

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Boiler Repair Services in Tinton Falls

Don’t get caught in the cold! Make sure your boiler is in top condition so that it can always supply the heat you need. Do you need furnace or boiler repair, replacement, and tune-up services?

We can help. With over 24 years of experience serving homeowners in the Tinton Falls area, you can rest assured that when you give us a call, you’ll get all the solutions and services you require. Call our team of emergency HVAC technicians by phone at (732) 253-4197 to receive help with a boiler problem. You’ll get honest, reliable, and high-quality services. Don’t wait—contact us today!

5 Benefits of Installing a Boiler in Your Home

Boilers are some of the best ways to heat your home. Although they are more expensive than furnaces, there are a large number of benefits of investing in a boiler that makes them well worth the price. Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider purchasing a boiler for your house.

1. Efficiency

Hydronic systems are much more efficient than forced-air systems because they use water to emit heat. Water holds more heat than air does and does not lose its heat quickly as air does. This means that if you use a boiler to stay warm, you’ll get the heat you need at the efficiency rate you want.

2. Humidity Control

Unlike forced-air systems, boilers do not push out hot air that dries out your home. This means that there is better humidity control in your home.

3. Zoning

A great advantage of installing a boiler is that you have the option of creating temperature zones and controlling where you want the heat to go, or which rooms should be heated. Additionally, if you do want the whole house to be heated, there will be no “cold spots” or inconsistencies in heat, like there often are with furnaces.

4. Versatility

Hydronic systems have a wide range of options that forced-air systems just don’t have. You can effectively zone your home and install radiators, towel warmers, snowmelt systems, and more.

5. Health

Similar to how boilers provide humidity control, they also help maintain the indoor air quality of your home. Since there isn’t any air being circulated, there are no air pollutants or allergens being circulated in your home. If you have allergies or asthma, our staff of emergency HVAC technicians in Tinton Falls recommends purchasing a boiler instead of a furnace.

HVAC Repair Services

Air Conditioning Repair & Installations Services

Nothing is worse than an air conditioning system that doesn’t cool you off. Especially in the summer, you want to make sure that your air conditioning system is working properly. That’s where we come in.

Gold Medal has over 24 years of experience repairing, installing, and maintaining air conditioning systems in Tinton Falls. Our technicians are reliable and knowledgeable, ensuring that you will receive air conditioning services that are designed to restore the operation of your system.

For more information on air conditioning repair, maintenance, or installation services in Tinton Falls, give us a call by phone at (732) 253-4197. We’ll be more than happy to help. 

5 Common Air Conditioner Problems & How You Can Fix Them 

Is your AC not properly cooling your home? Don’t panic—there are many troubleshooting methods available to get your AC back to normal. We have compiled a list of 5 ordinary air conditioner issues and troubleshooting methods.

1. Refrigerant Leaks

If the coolant starts leaking in your AC unit, it can cause temperature fluctuations and prevent the system from properly functioning. The leak’s location determines what kind of repair is needed. To help prevent this, make sure to have a trained AC technician perform annual check-ups on your unit.

2. Malfunctioning Compressor

The compressor helps push the refrigerant through the condenser and evaporator coils to properly cool the air in your home.  If the compressor isn’t working, your home won’t get cold. To avoid this air conditioning repair issue, you will need to hire a licensed technician to perform an inspection for refrigerant leaks.

Our staff has the tools necessary to refill your refrigerant to restore the production of cold air in your house. If you notice warm air exiting your vents, this is a sign of a refrigerant leak that needs to be fixed.

3. Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are often exposed, so they can become easily dirty. Dirty coils can cause your AC to lose efficiency and prevent it from working properly. This can be avoided by housing off the condenser coils once a year.

4. Broken Capacitors

Capacitors help the air conditioning system receive the electricity it needs to operate. Your air conditioner won’t run if either the start capacitor or the run capacitor fails, so it is important to get your capacitors inspected when you book an air conditioning repair or maintenance service.

5. Corrosion on Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils absorb excess heat in the air before it is dispersed through the air ducts in your home. If your evaporator coils start to deteriorate, your central air conditioning system may start to blow warm air. Typically, if your evaporator coils are located inside, they will only need maintenance and repair every three years.

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Plumbing Services

Leaking sinks and running toilets are ordinary plumbing issues in homes. Fortunately, our team of emergency plumbers offer plumbing repair services for homes in Tinton Falls, NJ and have the tools necessary to fix your damaged sink or broken toilet. Our plumbers are also available to replumb your entire house, clean clogged drains, or fix a malfunctioning water heater. From sewage backups to renovations, our technicians will help you fix or upgrade the plumbing system in your house.

Electrical Services

Our team of emergency electricians in Tinton Falls, NJ have years of experience conducting residential and commercial electrical projects. We provide a variety of electrical solutions such as rewiring, light fixture installation, electric panel replacement, and power outage support to meet your requirements. Our professionals will restore the distribution of power for your home or commercial property.

Contact our professional team of Tinton Falls electricians for any of the following services:

  • Electrical inspections
  • Electrical repair
  • Electrical panels
  • Wiring and rewiring
  • Whole-home generators
  • Outdoor and indoor lighting
  • Surge protectors
  • Ceiling fan repair and installation

Indoor Air Quality Services in Tinton Falls 

Good indoor air quality is essential for a safe and healthy home. Many of us don’t give much thought to the air we breathe, but when it comes to a  home, it is something worth considering. If the air circulating in your house has too many pollutants and contaminants, it can cause serious health complications and make it uncomfortable to be in the house.

Make sure that the air you breathe is clean, safe, and pure with Gold Medal Air Quality Services. We can help you install the perfect air filtration system for your home. With over 24 years of experience in the HVAC industry, you can rest assured that our trusted professionals will get the job done right. Feel good about the air you breathe. Give our team a call at (732) 253-4197 to discuss ways to improve your indoor air quality.

Types of Air Filtration Systems

When it comes to indoor air quality, we are proud to offer a variety of options to help you and your loved ones breathe clean, safe air. From ultraviolet lamps to humidifiers, Gold Medal has all the solutions to meet your air quality needs.

Ultraviolet Lamps

Installing ultraviolet lamps in your home can dramatically reduce and destroy potentially harmful contaminants in the air. Having air that is too humid or too dry can cause some health complications and can damage furniture, flooring, and more in your home. Keep your home at an optimal level for humidity with humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Air Filtration Systems

Keep the air in your home clean with air filtration systems. These capture even the smallest contaminants and keep them from recirculating back into the home’s air.

Air Purification Systems

These can be installed into your HVAC system or set up individually to provide the best air purification. These systems can help keep your air clean by removing and destroying air pollutants before they get circulated into your home.