Dependable Heating, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning Services for Customers in Mahwah, NJ

If your heating and cooling require professional servicing, there’s no one better to call than Gold Medal. We are proud to serve the Mahwah, New Jersey area, and we provide unmatched service for even the little things. Our company has years of unmatched service with guarantees that ensure each homeowner receives services they can’t find anywhere else.

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Air Conditioning

Heating and air conditioning services are a vital part of summer. When temperatures soar, you must be sure your system is working correctly. With professional tune-ups and next day installations, we ensure that your air conditioner is the best shape it can be. And if there’s an emergency, our AC services are unmatched.


A heater is the heart of the home. Colder weather shouldn’t cause families to worry they won’t be warm. Whether you have a furnace or central heat and air, our professional tune-ups keep your heater pumping.


Our full-service plumbing options also help keep things running well and efficiently. If you’ve got a small faucet leak or a full-blown flood, our plumbing services can help customers keep everything in excellent working order.


From tune-ups to full installations, our electrical services are available the same day or next day for installations. We ensure that even the smallest wires are working well, and there’s no chance of failure.

Gold Medal Loves Mahwah

Mahwah, NJ is a beautiful community, and Gold Medal is glad to be part of the lifeblood of the city. We love the community and everything in it from the Mahwah Museum to Campgaw Mountain Ski Area to the Ramapo Valley County Reservation. We offer our services with same day service or next-day installation no matter where you live. Gold Medal’s expert technicians are ready to ensure that your home and its contents are working well and that you can go about the year without worrying about any system in your home. Gold Medal belongs to the community of Mahwah and is pleased to serve the 07430 area.