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So, you’re wondering if it’s time to replace your faucet? If you have a leaking, loud, or spouting faucet, it may be better to make a small repair. There’s no noises, but you just moved into a new house, and-yuck!-the bathroom sinks clash with your aesthetic! Call Gold Medal Service for installation. Or, you could be in need of more information on faucet replacement because your sink is more than 10 years old and previous repairs just haven’t fixed a deeper internal issue.

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For instance, if you have a screeching faucet, replacing the washer can be an inexpensive fix. A spitting and spouting faucet can probably be fixed by cleaning or replacing the aerator. On the other hand, you may have to replace the entire faucet if it’s time to update.

Is It Time to Replace Your Faucet?

Your bathroom and kitchen faucets are pretty durable and can last a decade or more. This depends, however, on certain factors such as frequency of use and how hard your water is.

Many homeowners will replace the faucets for aesthetic reasons as part of their kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Most of the time, however, faucets are replaced for more practical reasons:

  1. They are over 10 years old and you are about to spend $100+ on repairs.
  2. They look old, worn, discolored, scratched or cracked. They don’t meet your standards.
  3. The repair is difficult and expensive. If you are looking at $250 or more for a repair, consider a replacement instead.
  4. Internal parts are so bad, that replacing one part, such as an O ring or washer, doesn’t fix the problem.

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We repair and replace faucets all the time. Usually, it depends on your preference. Older faucets typically flow at a rate of 3 to 5 gallons per minute. Modern faucets don’t use more than 2.5 gpm. While installing aerators will slow down the rate and save you money on your water bill, installing new faucets can save you even more.

You may even want to consider motion-sensor faucets, the ones you see in public restrooms. They are more expensive to install, but the amount of water you save will make up for it. Simple repairs are preferable to full replacements, however, there are many reasons why you may want to replace it instead. The newer faucets have improved technology and added features that result in longer lifespans, less water waste, and more beautiful designs.

Different Types of Faucets

Ball Faucet – Most common in kitchen sinks, will occasionally leak due to how many parts it has!

Ball Faucet

Source: pixabay

Disk Faucet – Modern design, do not need repair often.

Disk Faucet

Source: flickr

Cartridge Faucet – Typical bathroom sinks are either a single or double handle cartridge faucet.

Cartridge Faucet

Source: flickr

Compression Faucet – Found in older homes, used in utility sinks.

Illustration of Compression Faucet

Source: wikimedia

Ball, disk, and cartridge faucets don’t use washers like compression-style faucets, but they do use O-rings and seals that may need to be replaced. If you have a leaking or sputtering faucet, simple repairs, such as washer, O-ring, and aerator replacements will do the trick.

If you have faucets in your home that need upgrading or replacing, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted plumber at Gold Medal Service. We can fix and replace all faucet makes and models. Just show us what you like and we’ll get it installed quickly and professionally.

Plumbing Repair, Installation, and Replacement Services

If you need help fixing or replacing a faucet in your bathroom or kitchen, give our team a call at 1-877-803-0511. Our team of local plumbers in Newark, NJ and other locations offer a variety of plumbing repair services such as drain cleaning, gas line repair, water heater replacement, and sewer line repair. To schedule plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and more, contact the professionals at Gold Medal Service. We’ll be there with our same-day service guarantee!

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