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Air Conditioning TUNE-UP in new jersey

Cooling Maintenance Trusted for Over 24 Years in NJ

While many homeowners don’t see regular air conditioning tune-ups as a critical factor in maintaining their HVAC systems, Gold Medal Service is here to tell you otherwise.

Fewer AC Repairs – More Money in Your Pocket

There are several reasons why regular checkups are important, but one of the most important is that they drastically reduce the number and severity of repairs you’ll need, which can ensure that:

  • Your home remains safe and comfortable
  • Your system has a much longer lifespan
  • Your efficiency increases while your electric bill costs decrease
  • Your system continues to function optimally

Call for Our Current AC Tune-Up Specials

Our team of experienced cooling maintenance professionals is proud to offer comprehensive tune-ups for all of our neighbors in the East Brunswick area and all of New Jersey. We’re happy to come to your home to perform AC maintenance, especially just before summer, to ensure that your air conditioner lasts through the hottest season.


Improve Your Air Quality with Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

While having regular checkups performed on your AC system ensures your safety, comfort, and energy efficiency, these services also have a very positive effect on your indoor air quality.

Did you know that most homes have indoor air quality levels that are five times lower than the level of air quality outside?

We can ensure that your air filters are as clean as can be and provide you with tips as to how to better manage your indoor air quality so you can have better control of your health and the health of everyone in your home.

Money-Back Guarantee – Call Gold Medal Service in New Jersey!

We back all of our maintenance work with a money-back guarantee and an additional warranty for your convenience. We’re confident in our ability to provide reliable, transparent tune-ups that our customers can trust and have trusted for over 24 years!