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Whole Home Humidifier Installation in East Brunswick, NJ

Suffering from Dry Nose & Throat in New Jersey?

New Jersey winter does not only bring extremely cold temperatures, but it can also make the air feel dry. With your thermostat running high and your windows always closed, winter can be brutal for your respiratory tract.

Some effects of low humidity levels on your health and comfort include:

  • Virus survive longer in places with low humidity, increasing your risk of getting sick
  • Dry eyes and skin
  • Itchy throat and sinus
  • Nosebleeds

If you have been suffering from any of the listed effects, turn to Gold Medal Service. Our East Brunswick, NJ heating technicians can install a whole home humidifier on your HVAC system to help balance the humidity levels in your home. We carry some of the most trusted brands of humidifiers on the market today and offer a money-back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with our product or installation.

We provide honest and upfront pricing as well.
Call today and learn about your humidifier options.

Portable vs. Whole Home Humidifier

You may see a lot of portable humidifiers in stores. While these units are okay for small spaces, portable humidifiers need constant cleaning and maintenance to ensure that it’s working as it should. With a whole home humidifier, the unit is connected to your HVAC system, making it a more efficient unit. There’s no need for you to constantly fill it with water or replace the filter.

Installing the Whole Home Humidifier in Your New Jersey Home

While it may seem easy to install a whole-home humidifier, it is not ideal for a DIY project. Installing and connecting the whole home humidifier to your HVAC system without the necessary knowledge or training can damage either the humidifier or HVAC system. That’s why when you need to install a whole-home humidifier, contact our highly trained and licensed team. We can provide correct and timely installation of the whole home humidifier and restore the balance of humidity levels in your home.

Your comfort is our top priority!

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