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Boiler Tune-Up in East Brunswick

Increase Your Heating System’s Efficiency with Maintenance

Whether you have a new boiler installed in your home or an existing boiler that you have been using for years, we encourage you to let our New Jersey heating technicians perform a comprehensive maintenance for your boiler. At Gold Medal Service, our boiler tune-ups include inspecting, adjusting, and ensuring all working parts and machinery are functioning optimally.

We also catch potential problems early, preventing any major breakdown. With over 24 years of experience serving East Brunswick and all of New Jersey, we have seen how a simple annual maintenance can dramatically increase the efficiency of a boiler and can even extend the lifespan of the system.

What can you expect from our boiler maintenance?

  • Inspecting the entire system for water leaks
  • Checking the temperature and pressure readings
  • Identifying any error codes
  • Making sure there is no blockage in the vent termination
  • Listening closely for any strange noises or vibrations

We suggest that you schedule your regular maintenance a few weeks before the winter starts so you can be sure that you have reliable equipment when you need it the most.

Your comfort is our top priority!

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