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East Brunswick Heating System Tune-Up

Importance of Maintaining Your Heating System in New Jersey

If you have recently purchased a new heating system, you may want to have it maintained regularly to extend its lifespan. Similar to your car or any other mechanical equipment, a heating system tune-up is important to keep the unit at optimal performance.

At Gold Medal Service, we offer comprehensive heating system tune-ups in New Jersey. From thoroughly inspecting the equipment to ensuring all parts are working as it should, we are here to help prevent any system breakdown as well as reduce your energy bills. With over 24 years of experience working on a wide range of heating systems of all makes and models, Gold Medal Service is the right team for the job. Located in East Brunswick, we serve the entire state of New Jersey.

Below are some of the heating systems we maintain:

For more information about our heating maintenance service, please feel free to contact our East Brunswick office!

What You Can Expect from Our Heating System Tune-Up

Gold Medal Service strongly recommends that you schedule an annual heating system tune-up before the temperature outside dramatically drops or around the fall season. It is expected that your heating system will be working overtime come the winter months, and you wouldn’t want it to fail on you when you need it the most.

Some services you can expect from our heating system maintenance include:

  • Inspecting every part and machinery of the system
  • Making sure all working parts are complete and functioning
  • Replacing the filter
  • Cleaning and adjusting any loose parts
  • Testing the unit’s safety controls
  • Checking for leaks or other minor problems

Whether your heating system is new or has been with you for years, our team can get started on your regular maintenance. We can even schedule the next one right away so you don’t forget or worry about it in the future.

Your comfort is our top priority!

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