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Can I Charge My Electric Car with a Regular Outlet?

Can I Charge My Electric Car with a Regular Outlet?

When you're trying to make changes in your life to be a better friend to the environment, you typically try to avoid using plastic and maybe change your shower habits to lessen your water use. However, there is another, albeit bigger, effort you can make as well: investing in an electric car.

If you do make the switch from a gas vehicle to an electric one, you'll obviously need to be able to charge your car with ease. If you're wondering if you can just plug your electric car into a regular outlet, we have a few things to say about that.

Can I Charge My Electric Car with a Regular Outlet?

In theory, you can charge your electric car using a level 1 charging system — one that simply allows you to plug your electric car into a regular outlet in your home. However, there is a caveat to this.

For one, it will take your car a decent amount of time to charge using this outlet. In order to avoid straining your circuits, the outlet that the car plugs into will need its own circuit. However, if it shares a circuit with other appliances (especially larger ones), you risk overloading and tripping said circuit.

Using a Level 2 Charging System

This type of charging requires a special station to be installed in your home. Although it's a bit more work, it doesn't put as much strain on your home's current electrical system. Plus, it allows your car to charge much faster — sometimes in as little as four hours.

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