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How to Unfreeze Your Pipes

How to Unfreeze Your Pipes

New Jersey is no stranger to frigid winters. While the cold temperatures, ice, and snow can make for difficult driving conditions, they also can lead to frozen pipes in your home. Since a frozen pipe runs the risk of bursting and making a big (and expensive) mess in your living space, use these tips to unfreeze your pipes.

Open Your Faucets

Once you’ve located the faucet that the frozen pipe leads to, turn on both the hot and cold handles. This allows the water to flow out of the pipe and alleviate pressure once the pipe is thawed.

Thawing Exposed Pipes

If the frozen pipe is one that is exposed and easy to access, such as a pipe running through your basement or under your sink, then there are a few methods you can try to unfreeze it.

Hair Dryer

It may take some time, but point your hair dryer at the pipe and let the hot air melt the ice. Just make sure to keep moving the hair dryer around and begin with the area closest to the faucet.

Space Heater

If you own a portable space heater, aim the heat toward the frozen pipe. Make sure to follow the heater’s safety regulations and, once the pipe begins to thaw, make sure no water touches the heater.

Thawing Hidden Pipes

If the frozen pipe happens to be located behind a wall or somewhere where you can’t easily access it, try melting the ice this way:

Turn Up Your Heat

The pipe may have frozen in the first place because your home’s heat didn’t keep it warm enough. In that case, try turning your thermostat up a few degrees so that heat can spread to the pipe and thaw it evenly.

Use an Infrared Lamp

Heat from infrared lamps can often penetrate your walls and help thaw a frozen pipe.

What Not to Do

Never try to thaw a pipe with an open flame. This runs a serious risk for the pipe bursting and potentially a fire starting.

If all else fails, call your local plumber for help thawing out the pipe before it bursts. The experts at Gold Medal Service have the experience and knowledge needed to safely unfreeze your pipes and get your plumbing back in tip-top shape. Give us a call today to schedule a service!