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Why is My Washing Machine Leaking?

Why is My Washing Machine Leaking?

Whether you use your washing machine once a week or you have enough laundry to do a load every day, there’s no denying this is one of the most convenient appliances to have in your home. So, if you suddenly see water seeping from your unit, you’ll definitely have a cause for concern.

Therefore, the first step to fixing this issue is to understand why your washing machine is leaking in the first place.

Overloaded Washer

Washing machines have a limit as to how much laundry they can handle (per load), so, if you overload them with clothes, it will reduce the amount of space water has to move around inside the unit — which ultimately results in leaking water. Before starting the machine, make sure you limit how much laundry you have inside to avoid this issue.

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Clogged Overflow Tube

Clogs can develop in your washing machine’s tubing for a number of different reasons — the main one being that you are using too much detergent. When filling up your appliance with this laundry staple, only use the recommended amount of detergent per load — especially if you have a high-efficiency washer.

Worn Door Seal

If the seal on the door of your front-load washer is worn down, cracked, or otherwise damaged, there’s a strong chance that your appliance won’t be able to keep water inside the drum — which can result in a leak (and a big mess in your home, too). Ideally, you should regularly inspect the seal to ensure that it’s in good condition and will be able to keep water inside your unit.

Loose Hose Connection

If the hoses at the back of your washing machine are loose, damaged, or are missing the rubber washers, water can leak out of your unit and onto the floor. If you're noticing leaks from the back of your unit, try tightening the hose connections or inspecting the tubes for any holes.

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