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How to Clean Your New Home

How to Clean Your New Home

Congratulations — you are a new homeowner! While you may be extremely excited to move in and settle down in your new house, there is one major task you should perform before you get too comfortable: a good, deep cleaning. Here are a few tips on how to clean your new living space so you know that everything is safe and tidy.

Start from the Top

By starting from the top of your home, both literally and figuratively, you'll save yourself time and be more efficient when cleaning. Start with HVAC vents, fans, and lighting fixtures to wipe all of the dust off of them, so that it falls onto the floor. As you move downward, you'll rid of that mess.

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Deep Clean the Carpet

Regular vacuuming doesn’t get nearly as much out of your carpets as you think. While that’s fine when it’s your own hair, dirt, pet dander, and other particles, that’s not the case when it’s someone else’s. Use a heavy-duty carpet cleaner to really get anything out of the depths of your carpeting.

Scrub the Bathrooms

If there's one place in your new home that you'll want to make sure is immaculate, it's your bathroom. Use anti-bacterial and disinfecting products to scrub down your tub, toilets, sinks, and floor for a pristinely clean room.

Flush Your Appliances

If your new home comes with a few appliances like a dishwasher and washing machine, you’ll want to make sure they’re clean for you and your family to use. Run these appliances with white vinegar to flush them of any germs or bacteria.

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