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How to Tell if You Need to Upgrade Your Electric Panel

How to Tell if You Need to Upgrade Your Electric Panel

Imagine having to go back to the (literal) Dark Ages without electricity. You can say “goodbye” to your microwave, your refrigerator, your cell phone — it’ll die eventually — and your lights on top of it all.

While there’s no time machine that will bring you back to days without electricity, if you have a worn out or old electric panel, you could get stuck in the dark. These are a few tell-tale signs that you need to upgrade your electric panel sooner rather than later.

If Your Home is Over 20 Years Old

Older homes — those built more than 30 years ago — typically have electric panels that can only handle, at most, 100 amps of electricity. The panels in newer homes can usually handle around 200 amps.

With all the electronic devices and appliances we have nowadays, you need a panel that can handle more electricity.

If You Still Have a Fuse Box

Most homes built before the 1960s use fuse boxes that burn out easily and need to be replaced often. To keep up with your electric needs, you should replace your fuse box with a newer electrical panel with circuit breakers that are easier to reset.

If Your Electric Panel Smells Bad

If you go near your electric panel and it’s giving off a gross, burning smell, you probably have a bad circuit breaker or an improperly connected wire. This is something you’ll want to take care of to prevent an electrical fire.

If Your Lights Flicker

Do your bathroom lights dim when you turn on a hair dryer or do you bedroom lights flicker throughout the day? These are typically signs of poor or failing electrical connections.

If You Use a Lot of Power Strips

If you don’t have enough outlets to accommodate all your appliances, devices, and chargers, and you find yourself using a bunch of power strips, you should consider upgrading your electrical panels so it will be able to properly handle more outlets.

Let Gold Medal Upgrade Your Electric Panel

At Gold Medal Service, we can upgrade your electrical panel and give you the power your home requires. Our expert technicians have the experience to upgrade your panel, ensuring the work is safely done to code.

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