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What Is The Right Ceiling Fan Direction for Summer?

What Is The Right Ceiling Fan Direction for Summer?

Once summer starts in New Jersey, it’s no surprise that everyone rushes down to the shore to beat the heat. But what are you supposed to do to get a little relief once you return home? You may have heard that running your ceiling fan along with your air conditioner can help your home feel a lot cooler, and that’s completely right — as long as it’s spinning the right way. If you're unsure what is the right fan direction for summer, we have the answer for you. 

What Is The Right Ceiling Fan Direction for Summer?

In order to get the most out of your ceiling fan during the summer, you should make sure it’s spinning counter-clockwise. The way you can tell which way the fan is moving is by standing under it when it’s on. The fins should be spinning right to left, and you should feel air being pushed down toward you.

You can adjust your ceiling fan direction using a switch usually found on the side of the motor. If you have a remote control fan, there should be a button on the remote to control which way the fan spins.

Why Does Fan Direction Matter?

Counter-clockwise spinning creates a downdraft.

Unlike clockwise spinning which creates an updraft and pulls air towards your ceiling, a downdraft pushes air towards your floor, allowing conditioned air to reach you more directly. This can end up making the room feel up to eight degrees cooler just by ensuring the right fan direction for summer!

Better-circulated air can lower your AC costs.

Your ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air in your home, but they do help circulate it throughout different rooms and spaces when they are spinning counter-clockwise. This gets areas of your home cooler faster, allowing your AC to run for a shorter time — which ends up saving you money in utility costs.

The right fan direction can provide outdoor comfort too.

If you have an outdoor patio or sunroom, you can install an outdoor fan and set it to spin counter-clockwise to cool you down. That means you can spend more time soaking up the sun while enjoying the comfort that comes with well-circulated air from the right ceiling fan direction for summer.

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