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What Does the Energy Star Logo Mean?

What Does the Energy Star Logo Mean?

You’ve probably heard time and again that you should make the switch over to Energy Star products when it comes to your appliances and home comfort systems. But what exactly does that Energy Star logo mean?

Well, we’re glad you asked!

What is Energy Star?

Energy Star is a government-backed system used to improve energy efficiency by reducing the number of greenhouse gases emitted by individual appliances and home products. The Energy Star logo helps buyers easily identify energy-efficient products.

What Qualifies as an Energy Star Product?

The EPA mandates that appliances and home systems meet certain requirements in order to be qualified as an Energy Star product. These requirements include:

Contributing the Nationwide Energy Savings

The product has to use significantly less energy than other products that perform the same function.

Offering the Same Functions Consumers Need

While using less energy, the product must still provide consumers with the same features and functions that they expect from that system.

Offering Verified Energy Savings

The product must be able to have proven and measurable energy savings. Thankfully, Energy Star won’t just take the manufacturer’s word on it.

Purchasers Will Earned Their Investment Back

If it costs more than the traditional system, a product can earn an Energy Star label if the consumer will earn back their investment over time via increased savings.

What are the Benefits of Using Energy Star Products?

You Save Money

When you use Energy Star products, you decrease the amount of energy you use in your home which ultimately decreases the amount you pay on your utility bills.

You Help the Environment

Appliances and products that have a higher energy efficiency allow for fewer resources to be used to create energy to power your home systems. This ultimately allows your energy providers to create a more sustainable way of powering your home products while conserving our planet’s resources.

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