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Signs You’re in Need of an AC Upgrade

Signs You’re in Need of an AC Upgrade

Everything on this Earth has a shelf life — your leftover Chinese food, that college t-shirt from 1983, and your AC unit. Contrary to most homeowners’ actions, your AC system is not meant to last forever — and if you’re keeping your old unit around for too long, you’re only costing yourself more money. These are few signs that you’re in serious need of an AC upgrade.

Your Unit is Very Old

Most AC systems are only designed to last around 10-15 years, so if yours is pushing 20 or any age past its prime, you should upgrade. A system that’s too old uses way more energy than typically needed and can cause your energy bills to increase way more than we’re betting you’re ok with.

You’re Scheduling a Lot of Repairs

If your AC is constantly in need of recharging or a new part, or you’re simply on the phone with your HVAC tech more often than not, you need to ditch the old system and upgrade to a better one. All those repairs (and their costs) can add up to equal the cost of a new AC, so quit fixing your old unit and upgrade it instead.

Your Utility Bills are Very High

For a number of reasons, old AC systems don’t run efficiently — and when systems don’t run efficiently, they use more energy and cause your utility bill to go sky-high. If you take a look at your other energy habits and still can’t figure out why your utility bill is so high, the culprit may be an old AC system in need of an upgrade.

Your Home Doesn’t Get Cool Evenly

Is your living room ice cold, but the upstairs bedrooms are hotter than Hades? Uneven cooling can often be caused by an old, inefficient, or faulty cooling system. Whether your system wasn’t properly sized for your home or it simply doesn’t fit your home’s cooling needs, you should look into upgrading it for better comfort this summer.

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