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How To Fix Frozen Pipes

How To Fix Frozen Pipes

Are your faucets not flowing? Toilets not refilling after you flush?

These are signs that your pipes are frozen. According to the National Climate Prediction Center, New Jersey will experience some nighttime lows coming up. If by chance your plumbing system gets thawed from our states chilly winter nights, it’s essential to act fast to minimize the damage and cost of repairs.

Why Do Pipes Freeze?

When water freezes, it expands, which adds a considerable amount of pressure on your plumbing and can lead to tiny leaks or cracks that can rupture almost any pipe. According to, water damage from bursting pipes is one of the most common homeowner's insurance claims.

How Do I Know If My Pipes Are Frozen?

Your pipes are most vulnerable to freezing are in an outside wall, under a sink, or in an unheated crawl space or basement. If you turn on a faucet and water doesn’t come trickling out, there’s probably a blockage of ice.

What Do I Do If I My Pipes Are Frozen?

Thawing a pipe on your own can be challenging — pick up your phone and call a professional plumber instead.

With over 24 years of experience in the plumbing industry, our New Jersey plumbers have seen it all. So, if you have any further questions about preventing and thawing frozen pipes, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (732) 365-3199. You can also Schedule an appointment online and we'll be there with our same day service guarantee.

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