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5 Common Furnace Problems

5 Common Furnace Problems

It’s hard to think about living in a cold home during the winter. But it’s not uncommon for furnace systems to break down — especially if you forget to schedule annual maintenance tune-ups.

Here are five of the most common furnace problems homeowners might experience.

The best way to fix them? Calling your local HVAC professional!

Lack Of Maintenance

This is the number one reason for most furnace issues — and trust us, it’s not worth it! Your maintenance bills are way less compared to the high costs of a system replacement.

Not Changing The Air Filters

Filter problems are often a result or lack of proper maintenance. Filters can easily get clogged because of the dust and dirt in the air.

The best way to solve this problem is to ensure that we clean them regularly or replace them at least once every one to two months to ensure that the furnace functions efficiently.

Problems with The Ignition

As much as we sometimes think that we can check the pilot light by ourselves, it is highly recommended that a professional does it. You may cause more damage to your system while trying to check the problem.

Restricted Air Flow

If you are experiencing problems with airflow, it could include a leak in your ductwork, mechanical problems within the system, and/or closed air vents.

Issues With The Thermostat

Your heating system may be working just fine, but a faulty thermostat can completely mess with the temperature in your home. To fix this, it may be as simple as replacing the batteries or you may need to have your thermostats calibrations checked by a professional.

Overall, to prevent your furnace from malfunctioning, it’s very important that our furnaces are regularly maintained. It is advisable to seek for a professional who will be able to regularly check your system and fix any problems found.

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