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How to Use Outdoor Lighting to Upgrade Your Home

How to Use Outdoor Lighting to Upgrade Your Home

Have you ever gone to a backyard party that is a great time until the sun goes down? A lack of outdoor lighting can really kill your fun and make it uneasy and unsafe to spend time in your yard.


Proper outdoor lighting not only allows you to better take advantage of your yard, but it also can be used to upgrade your home and increase its resale value.

How to Use Outdoor Lighting to Upgrade Your Home

Motion-Sensing Flood Lights

Installing motion-sensing flood lights near the entrances and exits of your home can allow you to keep an eye on any welcome and potentially not-so-welcome visitors. These spotlights will turn on when Aunt Cathy comes to visit and let you know if anyone is sneaking around your property.

Path Lighting

If there’s a pathway that leads from your driveway to your front door or to your backyard, it’s not really safe to try to navigate it in the dark. Installing path lighting can allow guests to walk safely around your home at night, without the risk of bumping into something they wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Entryway Lighting

A simple pendant or wall-mounted light near your front door can help illuminate your main entrance and let you see who is knocking at the door. Plus, if they’re motion-sensing, you may be able to catch the kids sneaking in past curfew.

Around-the-Pool Lighting

Pools can pose a big threat to your children and pets’ safety, so adding some lighting to indicate where the pavement ends and the pool begins can eliminate that threat. That level of safety can add a lot of value in the eyes of potential buyers.

Ambient Lighting

Is there a spot in your yard where people gather to relax, maybe around a fire pit or lounge chairs? Adding some accent lighting can enhance the feeling of that spot and give the yard a more relaxed vibe.

Garden Lighting

You know those flowers you worked so hard to grow in your front yard? Make sure they’re always on display with the right amount of garden lighting. You can even have small spotlights installed to highlight specific shrubs or trees.

Adding outdoor lighting to your home can make for a more secure and inviting atmosphere, so long as you’re choosing the right kinds of lights!

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