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Gold Medal Service Offers Tips for Fire Prevention Week

Gold Medal Service Offers Tips for Fire Prevention Week

Gold Medal Service, a BBB A+ rated heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical service company that services more than 125,000 homeowners throughout New Jersey, is offering tips to homeowners for Fire Prevention Week, which is Oct. 8-14.

"We want every one of our customers to be prepared in case of a fire, and that means their home as well as their family," said Joe Todaro, director of operations of Gold Medal Service. "National Fire Prevention Week is a great time to for New Jersey homeowners to ensure the protection of their home and family by following a few tips that will help prevent fires as well as prepare the family in case of an emergency."

Check smoke detectors - Every homeowner should periodically check their smoke detectors at least twice per year. Don't wait until the detector's battery fails - be proactive. A good time to test and replace smoke detector batteries is when the time changes in the fall and spring. While many newer smoke detectors have batteries that are good for 10 years, other detectors are wired into a home's electrical system and may need some professional help.

Cook with caution - According to statistics, nearly half of home fires are related to cooking. Never leave your cooking unattended - even for a short time, and always have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen that is rated for cooking-related fires. Never put a grease fire out with water - smothering the fire is the best method.

Conduct a heating system and duct inspection - Some home fires begin in blocked air ducts or improperly operating heating systems. Make sure all the vents in the heating system throughout your home are clean. Also, make sure your dryer vent stays free of lint and debris as a buildup of lint can quickly become a fire hazard even in the cleanest of homes. And if you have not had your heating system inspected and tuned up to ensure safe and efficient operation, now is the time to do so.

Don't leave space heaters unattended - Space heaters should be placed at least three feet from furniture, window treatments, bedding, clothes, rugs or other combustibles. It is always safer to turn off space heaters if you are not in the same room and remember that it is a safety hazard to use a space heater attached to an extension cord or power strip.

Check electrical cords, receptacles, outlets - Power cords that resemble a plate of spaghetti are a safety hazard. Check all cords for frays and breaks, as open cords can spark a fire. Minimize the number of cords plugged into power strips. And check to see if you have any issues with outlets or switches, including intermittent malfunctions, overheating, or discoloration - they are warning signs and need to be inspected by a professional.

Have an escape plan and practice it - To protect your family, always plan ahead. Develop an escape plan, establish a rally point for everyone to meet, and then practice your plan. By making it a fun exercise, your kids will feel even safer inside your home.

"Fire prevention should be practiced all year long," Todaro said. "A home is one of the biggest investments you make. Protecting the home from fire danger is important, and ensuring your family is prepared will give you valuable peace of mind in case of emergency."

For more information to prepare your home and family for any fire emergencies, contact Gold Medal Service at (732) 365-3199

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