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Prepare Your Home For Summer Heat

Prepare Your Home For Summer Heat

With only a few weeks left before summer is in full swing, there are things you can do to prepare your home for the coming heat wave. There's a lot to think about as this sunny vacation season comes our way. Practical questions such as, "How will I keep my utility costs low?" and, "How will I entertain the kids during the day?" are being asked by parents and homeowners across the country.

As a BBB A+ rated heated, cooling, plumbing, and electrical service company in New Jersey, we want to share a few ideas on how to prepare your home for summer.

How to Prepare Your Home for Summer

1. Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fans may have been collecting dust all winter long. Time to properly dust them off for daily use during the upcoming months. Using your ceiling fans this summer alongside your air conditioner will help you stay cool without overrunning your HVAC system. Turn your thermostat to 78-degrees and your ceiling fan on high for energy-efficient comfort.

Be sure to switch the direction of your ceiling fan to the counter-clockwise setting. You'll know it's on the right setting if you immediately feel air blowing down on you. A clockwise fan setting is only used in winter as it blows the air up towards the ceiling.

2. Ventilation

If there are ventilation leaks, then heat will creep into your home while your air conditioned air will flow out. This occurs mainly through small cracks in windows, doors, and walls. Checking up on the condition of your home's insulation is one way to ensure an energy-efficient home this summer. If you notice anything, call in a professional for sealing and weather stripping services.

3. Window Coverings

Along with checking for ventilation leaks, your windows play another role in temperature control during the summer. One of the best ways to keep out the heat is to close and cover your windows during the daytime. If you currently do not have shades or overhangs for your windows, we recommend installing these natural shade solutions.

4. Reduce Humidity

If your home is already struggling with moisture and humidity, consider indoor air quality solutions such as a dehumidification. Portable dehumidifiers in many sizes are available in home stores. A professional technician can set up a whole-home dehumidification system. Put on a ventilation fan while showering to decrease condensation and humidity in the home. Standing fans in high-humidity areas such as the basement, attic and kitchen will increase circulation and reduce humidity. Purchase a dehumidifier, standing fans, or a ventilation fan before the temperature and relative humidity rise to unbearable heights.

5. Pre-Season Tune-Up

Your HVAC system performs best with bi-annual maintenance. Tune-ups by a professional HVAC technician are recommended once in fall and once in spring. This guarantees that everything will be functioning in the more weather-severe seasons.

“We only have another month to go before the real hot weather hits,” says Mike Agugliaro, co-owner of Gold Medal Service. “You don’t want to be stuck on a hot summer’s day without an air conditioning system. Having a pre-season tune-up of your cooling system will prevent unnecessary and costly repairs later in the season when you really need it to work.”

Even with your best efforts, your air conditioner may decide to malfunction. If something does happen this summer, maintenance and repair services are available on any day, especially the hottest ones, from Gold Medal Service.

For more tips on How to Prepare your Home for Summer, check out the article we recently published on PR Newswire.

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