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20 Ways to Conserve Water This Summer

20 Ways to Conserve Water This Summer

Water is not only a precious resource (only around 1% of the water on Earth is available for human use); it also requires a lot of money and effort for all of the treatment and delivery systems.

New Jersey has often been considered a "water-rich" state because we receive a high annual rainfall of about 45 inches per year; however, it is still important to conserve water, for both our wallets and our environment.

People should think twice about their water use, especially in the summer months when the weather is hot and dry. Pools, sprinklers, hoses, and other outdoor water uses dramatically increase during the summer months.

Conserving water helps everyone: it preserves our aquifers and reservoirs, reduces tax dollars spent on water supply infrastructure, decreases our energy costs, and helps preserve water levels in our lakes and streams.

How much water do you use?

According to the EPA, "the average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water per day at home."

One way to find out how much water your household consumers is by taking a look at your water bill. Most utility companies measure water use by centum cubic feet (CCF), where one CCF is equal to 748 gallons.

Since the average family uses more than 300 gallons of water per day (around 88 gallons per day per person in the household), you can expect to see around 10,500 gallons (14 CCF) of water usage in a 30-day period.

Of course, water usage varies significantly across the country, due to weather and property differences.

You might not always pay attention to the amount of water you use, but by using these 10 water conservation tips, you can increase your energy and water cost savings.

20 Ways to Conserve Water This Summer

  1. Plant during the fall and spring, when the watering requirements are lower.
  2. Water only when necessary. Most lawns only need 1" of water per week. You can measure sprinkler output by placing an empty tuna can on your lawn. ¾ to 1 inch of water per irrigation cycle is plenty.
  3. Increase your lawn mower height to 1.5 - 2 inches. Higher grass retains moisture better.
  4. You can tell if your lawn needs water by stepping on the grass and observing if it springs back up. If the blades of grass lay flat, it's time to water.
  5. As a general rule, water summer lawns every 3 days and winter lawns every 5 days.
  6. Consider using drip irrigation for your trees and shrubs so you can apply water directly where it is needed.
  7. Minimize evaporation by watering your plants before dawn or after sunset.
  8. Use a pool cover to help keep your pool clean and to prevent evaporation.
  9. Check your pool periodically for leaks and be proactive on repairs.
  10. Don't overfill your pool. This will reduce water loss from splashing.
  11. Minimize the amount of fountains, waterfalls, and sprays, especially during summer. The aeration increases evaporation
  12. Consider washing your pet outdoors on the lawn.
  13. Install gutters and downspouts to collect water, and point them towards trees or plants.
  14. Don't run the water while washing your car. Instead, use a bucket of soapy water.
  15. Though they aren't as visible, check for leaks in outside pipes, hoses and faucets.
  16. Use a broom instead of water to clean your stoop, driveways, and paths.
  17. Instead of throwing old water from glasses and water dishes down the drain, use it to water the plants.
  18. HVAC and humidification systems require seasonal maintenance. For efficient dehumidifiers and cooling systems, schedule annual maintenance every spring.
  19. Fix plumbing leaks as soon as you notice. This also applies to leaky hydrants, sprinklers, and pipes. Either contact your local plumber or local water provider.
  20. Know where your water shut-off valves are located and how to shut them off.

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