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How to Throw a Super Bowl Party

How to Throw a Super Bowl Party

Whether you're interested in football or not, the Super Bowl is the perfect annual ritual to have friends over for a party. Plenty of food, drinks and excitement - celebrating the Super Bowl is an all-American tradition we can all get behind.

Who will win? The good guys or the bad guys? Even if your team suffers a humiliating defeat, savor the sweet taste of a victorious party with these tips.

For your guests:

Be prompt

When your guests show up, make sure you're already set up for their arrival! The food starters, drinks, and welcoming atmosphere should be waiting for your guests when they enter the door. The game may not have started yet, but being prepared with appetizers and music always lifts the mood.

Stock up

Nothing is better than relaxing on the couch and enjoying tasty snacks. Chips and vegetables with dip, mini-pizzas, pretzels, and other traditional hand-food is a great way for your guests to get comfortable and start nibbling. We recommend using paper plates and plastic utensils to minimize the after-party clean-up. It’s also wise to keep your guests from washing dishes and using (and potentially clogging) your garbage disposal.

Make a menu

What's for lunch? If your Super Bowl party is going to include a BBQ, you need to plan the food items and type of meat. If it's a taco bar, what ingredients do you need? Then let people know ahead of time if you'd like them to bring something, potluck style.

WARNING: Never grill indoors or near any open doors and windows! Any fuel-burning appliance will release harmful gases, including the “silent killer,” carbon monoxide.

Download these NFPA safety tips on grilling. (PDF, 427 KB)

Watch this video for getting your propane grill ready:

Nice and clean

Be sure to clean your home before the guests arrive. A quick vacuum and dusting will mostly do the trick. If there's no time for that, at least remove the clutter. Guests should have a general idea of where to set down their things and where to sit without worrying about moving your personal items.

Since you know that people will likely be on the couch and sitting throughout the day, be sure to make the couch extra comfortable. Set out extra seating and pillows if necessary to ensure everyone has a pleasant spot to plop down. If you have valuable furniture you want to protect from spills, use large throws to cover up sofas, chairs, and loveseats.

Click here for 10 natural ways to make your home smell great.

Be chill

Even if you're feeling overwhelmed by your guests, something burns, or any other number of awkward situations arise, don't take it out on your guests. Never act like you're being imposed upon by their requests and remember to always be optimistic when there's company. Be the energy you wish your party had and it will be reflected back.

Tips for the Super Bowl Meal

Keep it simple

It's the Super Bowl! People want traditional American fare - chips, hotdogs, hamburgers, and all the fixings. You may want to expand to ribs, sausages, or another type of popular party meat. Think of a special dish you may want to try out as a side, but overall, stick with the basics and you can’t lose.

For some creative culinary play on traditional favorites, check out these yummy and simple game-day snack suggestions:

Everyone helps

Make it easier on yourself and have your guests bring a dish to share. Be specific if you're looking for savory or sweet so that all your dish bases are covered. People are usually more than willing to pitch in when it comes to Super Bowl parties, so don't feel bad about asking. Especially if someone has an allergy, you'll want to have plenty of options for your visitors.

Catch up

It may have been a long time since you last saw some of the people attending your Super Bowl party. Everyone has a lot going on and the opportunity to hang out all day might not come around for a while. Take advantage of the time, (when not watching the game of course) to have a conversation, even if brief, with each and every one of your guests. Taking this personalized time makes you a better host and a better friend.

Prevent Party Plumbing Problems

Bathroom Prep

  • Leave a clean, working plunger next to the toilet.
  • Empty waste basket.
  • Remove objects near your toilet that could accidentally fall in.
  • Make sure there is backup toilet paper.
  • Remove anything from your bathroom/medicine cabinet that you wouldn’t like your guests to access, such as prescription medications.
  • Consider placing signs instructing guests where the bathroom is located.

Emergency Water Shut-Off

In the case of an emergency, you will want to know how to locate and shut off your main water valves. If there is a flooding situation, you can run to the valve to prevent any further water damage.

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