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How to Create a Cozy Home with Indoor Lighting Improvements

How to Create a Cozy Home with Indoor Lighting Improvements

indoor lighting improvements for a cozy homeWe love talking about lighting. Although most homeowners undoubtedly take the miracle of electrical light for granted, lighting is a vital part of our everyday lives. You can really get creative and end up with new, atmospheric lighting that instantly makes indoor and outdoor spaces more stylish and secure.

Lighting can truly make or break a space. For example, the presence of proper lighting can make a room brighter by illuminating it and making it seem safer and cozier. The absence of lighting, or the absence of smartly placed lighting, can break the vibe of a space, making it seem dull and frigid.

It’s been scientifically proven that indoor lighting affects our mood, productivity, and well-being. Changing things such as color temperature and illuminance can significantly improve mood valences and cognitive abilities (Effects of indoor lighting on mood and cognition).

All families want their home to be comfortable and act as a safe-space even on the darkest days. Lighting can contribute greatly to these goals. Some simple lighting adjustments will upgrade the value of your home and provide you with more flexibility of your lighting options. Perhaps the most significant advantage of these lighting adjustments is improved mood and cognitive abilities.

At Gold Medal Service we offer comprehensive lighting services for residential and commercial patrons interested in making changes to their current lighting setup. In this blog, we offer up the best solutions to create a cozy home this winter and year round.

Home Accents

If winter darkness has you feeling down, warming up your home's lighting can have a positive effect on your overall spirit. Add a table lamp, switch out your light bulbs, or consider new fixture installations. There are many different ways to use lighting to alter your current mood in this cold season.

Tips & Inspiration

  • Avoid fluorescent - Nothing kills a mood more than the harsh fluorescent lighting that comes standard overhead. Invest instead in floor lamps with warm bulbs. Pick lamps for specific areas of the room. For example, you may need a desk lamp, a floor lamp, and a table lamp.
  • Know your bulbs - There is a big difference between "cool white" and "warm". You may have a preference. If you're looking for that golden glow, choose a warmer bulb reaching around 2,700 Kelvins (temperature listed on the box) or less.
  • Sconces are super in - A modern standard, sconces are the ultimate cozy light. Reminiscent of curling up with a good book in a big chair, call your local electrician to install homey, low-wattage fixtures.
  • Get rid of direct light - You can improve the ambience and mood of your lighting by getting rid of all offensive direct lighting. You can accomplish this by replacing your direct lighting with recessed lights, lamps, under-cabinet and above-cabinet lights.
  • Take advantage of natural light - Natural light is the best kind of light you can have in the home. Take advantage of it where you can. Natural light is proven to improve mood, well-being, and productivity. If you work at home, make sure to choose an area of the home that gets sufficient daylight.

Dim Down

A dimmer switch is well suited for any occasion. Adding dimmers to your existing lighting is one way to best utilize a space. You may have a room in your home that is multi-functional. One room has many roles depending on the time of day. From catching up on emails, eating dinner, watching a movie - all of these activities demand a different level of lighting.

By installing dimmers throughout the home, you gain control over any table, floor, or overhead lamp, tailoring the luminosities to your preference.

A dimmer gives you the flexibility you need in a modern home that accommodates such an array of everyday duties. Lighting should be diverse and in your control, just like your life.

Get Contemporary

Recessed lighting is energy-efficient and stylish. There is a huge selection of recessed lighting, varying in size and shape. Ask yourself, what type of lighting effects are you looking for? Are you installing the recessed lighting in a reading area or to highlight a specific painting? We'll help you determine the best type of lights for your desired application.

If you're interested in having recessed lighting installed, Gold Medal Service offers free home evaluations. We'll come to your home and determine what needs to be done to complete any project. In addition to professional service and appointments 7 days a week, our experienced technicians are here to offer helpful suggestions. With shorter days and less sunlight, it's the perfect season to design and install a functional and contemporary light plan.

Get to know different types of recessed lighting with this video:


Consider adjusting your outdoor lighting for the appearance of a cozy home, even if no one is home. Landscape lighting deters unwanted visitors when you leave and greets you when you return.

Illuminate your exterior walkway to create an inviting welcome home. Install front porch lighting and better enjoy those crisp nights looking at the moon. Landscape lighting and garden lighting is a beautiful touch as flowers prepare to bloom in spring. Landscape and outdoor lighting adds a bit of curated drama to any home while also providing security and visibility.

To inspire you to illuminate in modern ways, check out this video:

With these design ideas and simple lighting adjustments, your home will be cozy and warm all winter long. Contact Gold Medal Service for your professional indoor lighting consultation.

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