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Radiate HVAC Love This Valentine's Day

Radiate HVAC Love This Valentine's Day

Show your HVAC system love for Valentine's DayLove is reciprocal. You get back what you put in. So instead of complaining about your HVAC system, “radiate” some love and get back smooth comfort in return.

The best was to show your HVAC system you care this Valentine's Day is by scheduling preventative maintenance. If you didn't get your professional heating inspection done in the fall, now is the perfect time to make up for your neglect. All combustion-driven systems, including boilers for radiators, radiant-floor heating, and propane- and oil-fueled central air systems will be checked and cleaned for safety and efficiency.

We know how heartbreaking it can be to junk an old HVAC system that has served your faithfully for a decade or more. But all life comes to an end, even quality HVAC systems. Luckily, there are ways you can extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling systems.

Here are some reasons you may want to give your HVAC system a makeover this Valentine's Day:

  1. Keeps your system running smoothly and efficiently all year long

Like your car or any other complicated piece of machinery, your heating and cooling system requires routine cleanings and inspections in order to provide you with the comfort you expect.

Most HVAC problems that we encounter are the result of neglect and improper care. The best way to prevent HVAC repairs and to prolong the lifespan of your system is to sign up for a home maintenance plan. With a maintenance plan, you won't ever have to remember to schedule annual heating maintenance in the fall and air conditioning maintenance in the spring. Also, it's a lot cheaper and you get exclusive benefits and discounts!

Regardless of if you sign up for a home maintenance plan, you still want to schedule 2 professional HVAC tune-ups every year, once in the fall for your heating and once in the spring for your cooling.

  1. Protects you from weather and disease

If it weren't for air conditioning and heating systems, our world would look a lot different. Cities like Phoenix, AZ and Anchorage, AK wouldn't exist and there would be many more cases of hypothermia, heatstroke, and disease.

Humans are sensitive creatures, but with the help of HVAC systems, we can have more comfort and mobility with less sickness. HEPA filtration systems in hospitals are essential for preventing the spread of illness and bacteria. Let's all take a moment to thank Willis Carrier, the invented of the modern air conditioning machine.

With Carrier's invention, humanity was gifted with:

  1. Temperature Control
  2. Humidity Control
  3. Air Circulation and Ventilation
  4. Clean Indoor Air

Another overlooked benefit of HVAC systems is odor control-not just for our homes, but for our bodies as well. Imagine the old days when people had to sweat all day, and sometimes all night. Nobody wants to cuddle a clammy mess. This Valentine's Day, when you are hugging and snuggling with your loved ones, think of the wonderful impact HVAC has had on our lives and our love lives.

  1. Improves your health and happiness

Annual professional tune-ups typically include a thorough cleaning of your indoor and outdoor units. Over time, you HVAC system's components get dirty, dusty, and clogged up. Dirt on your evaporator coil could lead to frozen coils. A dirty air filter can cut off airflow so much that the unit turns itself off. These are just some of the mechanical consequences of a dirty heating and cooling system.

The hair, dirt, dust, and bacteria that makes it past your air filter and evaporator coils eventually ends up in the air you breathe. By keeping your system clean and lubricated, most of the dirt and other airborne contaminants will get trapped by the air filter and eventually thrown out. This assumes that you are routinely replacing your air filter. If you or anyone in your household is particularly susceptible to airborne contaminants, consider adding a UV germicidal light to kill most of the microorganisms floating around.

Although annual HVAC maintenance is your first defense against indoor air quality, you will also want to clean your home regularly (consider HEPA vacuums) and reduce your use of high-VOC products indoors, such as paint, cigarettes, and household cleaners.

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  1. Air cleaners and purification systems
  2. Air filtration systems, including HEPA
  3. UV germicidal irradiation
  4. Whole-home humidification
  5. Basement waterproofing
  6. HVAC maintenance, repairs, and replacements
  7. CO and smoke detector installation
  8. Duct cleanings, repairs, and installations

Your HVAC system works day in and day out for you. Have you ever shown it the appreciation it deserves? Make sure you don't neglect your heating and cooling system this Valentine's Day.

If you haven't scheduled heating or HVAC maintenance in the last 6 months, show your sweet HVAC system you care with a call to Gold Medal Service. Treat you and your family to a happier, healthier, and more comfortable home with a Home Maintenance Plan. It won't make up for flowers or chocolate, but it will give you safety, health, comfort and joy for years to come.


The perfect gift for Valentine's day-you can keep all of your home's most important components up-to-code and up-to-date. Click the link above to learn more about our heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical maintenance plans.

It's easy and affordable. Stay ahead of the home maintenance game by automating your maintenance appointments and getting exclusive deals and discounts. We'll keep your home running Gold Medal Strong.

Some Unromantic Romantic Gifts:

  1. Total Care Club
  2. Air Filtration System
  3. Water Softener
  4. Bathroom Renovation
  5. New HVAC System

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!

Will you be our Valentine?

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