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15 Ways to Save Water Outdoors | Lawn Care and Irrigation Tips

15 Ways to Save Water Outdoors | Lawn Care and Irrigation Tips

We all know of some ways to save water inside the home, such as turning the water off when you wash your face and “letting it mellow,” but saving water outdoors is a little more mysterious.

We recently shared 5 Earth Day Home Energy Saving Tips. In addition to the advice mentioned there, we’re supplementing it with some outdoor water-saving tips for the spring and summer.

How to Save Water Outdoors

Learn how you can conserve water and still keep your plants alive, with these outdoor water conservation tips:

  1. Hire a licensed professional to install and maintain your irrigation system.
  2. Don’t cut your grass too low. Set your lawn mower to a height of around 2 inches. Taller grass retains moisture better and provides more shade for the ground soil and roots.
  3. Let your grass clippings stay on the law. They actually help to cool the ground and hold moisture better.
  4. When making changes to your landscaping, choose lawn mix that fits with the climate you live in.
  5. Learn how to aerate your lawn to retain more moisture and prevent water runoff.
  6. Water your lawn when the sun is down when evaporation is reduced, either in the early morning or the evening (before 10am and after 6pm).
  7. A good sign that you need to water your lawn is to check if the grass lays flat when you step on it. If the grass blades don’t poke back up, it’s time for a watering.
  8. When watering your lawn, try placing an empty tuna can on the grass. Normally, 3/4 to 1 inch of water is all you need to water your lawn effectively.
  9. In the summer, your lawn should be watered every 3-4 days, winter every 5-6 days (less if it rains).
  10. Weed your lawn frequently since they compete with your other plants for water, light, and nutrients.
  11. Use a pool cover to reduce the rate of evaporation and check your pool regularly for leaks. Your pool’s water level should only be a little more than halfway up your skimmer.
  12. Watch how much you play and splash in the pool. Click here for more water saving tips for your pool.
  13. Consider washing your car and pets on the lawn to recycle water.
  14. Instead of washing your porch and steps with water, use a heavy duty broom instead.
  15. Inspect your main water meter for leaks (know where your water shutoff valves are located in the case of an emergency) and repair broken and leaky water pipes and sprinklers immediately.

Additional Water-Saving Tips Include:

  1. Install a tankless hot water heater.
  2. Invest in a low-flow plumbing fixtures.
  3. Find and fix your water leaks.

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